This is a fanfiction made by FlappyWildbumper. It is a sequel of Flappy Generation. If you are finished with this story, you may find it interesting to read the next sequel: Flappy Generation 3: Gocs VS. Silly Meter. If you are confused with the dates, read the timeline.

The chapters in this fanfiction are guaranteed to be longer and not any less interesting than the first story.

IMPORTANT: If you have not read the first story, you should read it because you wouldn't be able to understand this one.

There is a guest appearance for Mousei11 in Chapters 8, 10, and 13.

Chapter 1: Fleppy and PeteEdit


"Oooh! Yay! We get to eat pizza today!" yelled Fleppy delightfully as he skipped towards the dining table.

"So.... we're going to someone's house right? I like playdates! Dad! Who are we visiting?" asked Fleppy.

"We're going to an old friend of mine. His name is Professor Fish," replied Flappy.

"Oooh! Is he a fish?" asked Fleppy.

"No... he's a cat just like you are," replied Flappy.

"We're all cats then! I'm a cat. Mother's a cat. Now this person that you're talking about is also a cat!" exclaimed Fleppy.

"What about me?" asked Flappy as he chuckled.

"You're a cat too.... except you have a beak," replied Fleppy.

Flappy, Fleppy, and Flower finished eating dinner and proceded to visit Professor Fish. They arrive at the same old laboratory.

"I'm telling you Bunny, this Silly Meter idea won't do anything."

"We're making progress though! Don't be so negative."

"So... you guys are arguing about your project as usual," interruped Flappy.

There was an awkward silence.

"Hi! My name is Fleppy!" exclaimed Fleppy.

"FLAPPY! IS THAT YOU?" asked Professor Fish as he jumped back.

"Yup!" replied Flappy.

"That must be your son. He must be about eight years old right now," said Fish.

"Hey! How did you know? You must be really smart!" replied Fleppy.

Fish walked into a room and came out with a baby carriage. Inside the carriage was a baby blue cat.

"I would like to introduce all of you to my baby boy, Pete," said Fish.

"I'm sure that he'll be a great professor just like you Fish," said Bunny.

"Oooh! Baby cat!" exclaimed Fleppy.

"Hey Flower!" said Fish, "Have you tried checking your son's laff points?"

"Oh.... no I haven't!" replied Flower, "I'll do that now."

Flower took out her laff detector and pointed it towards Fleppy. Fleppy stared at her and started smiling. Flower fainted.

"Why did mother just fall asleep?" asked Fleppy.

Flappy picked up the laff detector.

"IT'S 240!!!!" exclaimed Flappy.

"240! THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT! Fleppy is just a little child," replied Fish.

"Well it is.... I don't know how to handle him," said Flappy.

Bunny stepped forward.

"Hmm... you should take your son to an open space and teach him how to fight cogs properly. You should help him train his gags," replied Bunny.

"Great idea! In a few years, I'll send my son over to you so our children can learn together," said Fish.

"Did you hear that son?" said Flappy, "You finally get to learn how to fight cogs!"

"YAY!" exclaimed Fleppy.

After a few hours of chatting, Flower wakes up. She, Flappy, and Fleppy go home to begin Fleppy's vigorous exercises for cog fighting.

Chapter 2: Gag TrainingEdit

It has been several years of non-stop gag training. So far, Fleppy has been pushing himself to the limits to improve his gag fighting abilities. After five years of these exercises, someone decides to pay them a visit.


Fleppy was sweating all over as he jumped from place to place. A child cat appeared in the horizon.

"Hey! Dad! Is that Professor Fish?" asked Fleppy.

"Nope. That looks like his son, Pete," replied Flappy.

"Hi Flappy and Fleppy! My name is Pete! My father sent me here to learn how to fight with gags," said Pete.

"Hmm," said Flappy, "Take this cupcake. Throw it at that rock. Show me what you got."

Pete took the cupcake. He stepped forward with his eyes on the tip of the rock. He flung his arm over, and the cupcake splattered on the rock.

"Hmmm," said Flappy, "That isn't good enough. Watch this."

Flappy took another cupcake. He pivoted and focused. He chucked the cupcake at an incredibly fast speed. The cupcake obliterated the rock and bore a large hole in the mountain behind the rock.

"WOW!" exclaimed Fleppy and Pete.

"Hey Pete. You keep on working. Here is a batch of cupcakes," said Flappy as he handed Pete a large box.

Pete began throwing cupcakes at rocks. Flappy brought Fleppy over to a different section of the meadow.

"Okay! I'm going to teach you a new technique," said Flappy.

"Technique? What is it?" asked Fleppy.

"It's called the Hose Technique," replied Flappy.

"What does it do?" asked Fleppy.


Flappy took out a fire hose. He pointed it to the ground and set it to maximum power. With one turn, he opened the valve, and water started shooting out. He pointed it at the ground. At first, nothing happened. Then, Flappy used some force and pumped the water out even harder than the maximum power. In seconds, he flew up into the air and acted like a bird... wait a second.. he is a bird... but that's not the point. He soared through the sky and landed gracefully. Fleppy clapped.

"COOL! Can you teach me how to do that?" asked Fleppy.

"Sure!" replied Flappy, "Here, try it."

Flappy handed Fleppy a fire hose. Fleppy pointed it to the ground and set the hose to maximum power. Then he opened the valve, and water shot out. Fleppy appeared puzzled as he didn't move up an inch.


Fleppy pushed as hard as he could. After a while, he was able to move up and start levitating.

"LOOK AT ME DAD!" exclaimed Fleppy.

After a few more seconds of levitating, he lost his balance. He slammed right into a rock.

"Owww...." said Fleppy as he agonized over his pain.

"You need to control yourself," said Flappy, "We'll work on this tomorrow. We have to visit the Princess Parade though!"

Chapter 3: Princess DewEdit

"HEY FLAPPY! LOOK AT THIS!" yelled Pete.

Flappy jumped up from his bed. He glanced at his clock. It was only 6:00 in the morning. He walked outside to go to Pete.

"Watch this!" exclaimed Pete.

He threw a cupcake at a giant rock. At first, the same thing happened. The cupcake just splattered on. After a few seconds, a crack formed. The crack spread throughout the rock, and the rock split apart.

"I'm impressed!" said Flappy, "I'm sure that you'll be a great cog fighter."

Pete smirked. They walked back into the house as Flower prepared breakfast. Fleppy was already waiting.

"Hey dad! What is this Princess Parade thing?" asked Fleppy.

"As you know, the current President of Toontown is Mr. Storm," said Flappy, "This year, he decided to celebrate his daughter's 13th birthday with a parade.

"I can't wait to meet the princess!" said Pete.

After a few hours, Flappy, Flower, Fleppy, and Pete dressed up nicely and ran to the parade. The parade had already begun.

"Look in that carriage!" said Flower, "That must be the princess!"

Fleppy and Pete stared at the carriage. Inside the carriage was a female dog wearing a beautiful dress. There were several cheers, and the music was deafening.

Suddenly, a band a Mr. Hollywoods flew above the Princess carriage. They took the Princess and proceded to fly away. Fleppy took out his fire hose.

"FLEPPY! YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!" yelled Flower.

"No Flower. You should let him have the experience. These cogs are a piece of cake. His laff level is 781," replied Flappy.

Flower watched as Fleppy turned on his fire hose. He blasted it at the ground, leaving a huge splash of water. He soared into the air and placed the fire hose on his back. He used it as if it was a jetpack.

"STOP!" said Fleppy.

The cogs turned around and sneered.

"Well what do you know! A flying cat...." said one of the Mr. Hollywoods.

Fleppy took out two more fire hoses.

"Read his laff level!" ordered one of the Mr. Hollywoods.

A different Mr. Hollywood took out a laff detector and pointed it at Fleppy. His metal jaw literally fell off.

"His laff 781!!!!!!!" exclaimed the Mr. Hollywood.

Fleppy mowed down the cogs with his fire hoses. The princess started falling down to the ground as she was screaming. Fleppy swooped down and caught her. They landed smoothly on the ground as Fleppy closed his fire hoses.

"Good job Fleppy!" exclaimed Flappy.

The princess stared at Fleppy.

"Uh... Hi! I'm Fleppy," said Fleppy.

"Um... hi.... I'm Princess Dew," replied the princess, "Thank you for saving me!"


Princess Dew ran away. Fleppy scratched his head in bewilderment.

"Hey!" exclaimed Pete," What's this?"

Pete picked up a crumpled sheet of paper from a cog. He opened it up. It read:





"Uh oh..." said Fleppy.

"Do you know what this means?" asked Flappy.

"What?" asked Fleppy.

"Is it the end of the world?" asked Pete.

"Nope! It means that we have to train harder," replied Flappy.

Chapter 4: Fleppy Earns a Teaching DegreeEdit

The next day at Cog Nation....

"Curses! Squad B has been eliminated. I want to know WHO!"

"They appear to have been taken out single handedly by a child cat."

"This looks interesting. I want to destroy him. This will be fun..."


"Hey Dad! Can we do some more gag training?" asked Fleppy.

"No... I need a break," said Flappy, "Why don't you go teach Pete how to fly?"

"Do you mean the Hose Technique?" asked Fleppy.

"Yeah.... what else," replied Flappy.

"I thought you were being sarcastic..." said Pete with a confused expression on his face.

Fleppy and Pete walked outside. Fleppy took out a fire hose.

"I want you to watch closely," said Fleppy.

He was about to turn on the hose when suddenly, a yell interrupted. The princess was stomping over to Fleppy.

"Uh.... hi?" said Fleppy.

"HOW????" asked Princess Dew angrily.

"What???" said Fleppy, "You should calm down"


"Uh.... do you want me to teach you?" asked Fleppy.


"Maybe it's because you weigh too much...." said Pete.

Dew smacked Pete on the face.


"Uh..." said Fleppy, "You have to pump the hose as hard as you can.... it forces the water to shoot out faster."

"Really?" said Dew, "And how much force does there have to be?"

"I'll show you!" said Pete.

Pete took out his fire hose and shot at a rock. The water sprayed off. He smashed his fist on the hose, and the rock smashed into pieces. Dew stared.

"Yeah... that's how it works...." said Fleppy.

Pete pointed the hose down and started flying.

"WHEEE!!!!" exclaimed Pete, "I'm a bird!"

"WATCH OUT PETE!" yelled Fleppy.

Pete turned and slammed into a tree.

"Owwwww..." said Pete.

"Let me try!" exclaimed Dew.

She pointed the hose at the ground. After smashing the hose a couple of times, she started hovering a few inches above the ground.


She smashed the hose as hard as she could. The hose blasted the water out, and the force pushed Dew to the top of the tree that Pete was still stuck on.

"I think we need some more training...." said Fleppy, "That was impressive though...."

"IMPRESSIVE???" yelled Dew, "I suppose that the five year old cat that's flying around right now isn't impressive."

"Uhhh..." said Fleppy, "Pete is just as special as you are...."

"Whatever..." said Dew.

"Lunch Time!!!!" exclaimed Flower.

Fleppy, Pete, and Dew walked inside the hose. Flower looked at them and gasped.

"We have the princess as our guest today???" asked Flower.

"What's going on?" asked Flappy as he walked into the room.

Dew stared at Flappy and Flower.

"It's the princess!" exclaimed Flappy.

They introduced themselves, and they all sat down to eat. Dew took one bite and was already amazed by the taste.

"So.... Princess Dew, you still haven't told us why you decided to visit us," said Flower.

"Oh..." replied Dew, "I wanted to learn how to fly like Fleppy."

"I guess that means we have a new training partner!" exclaimed Pete.

Chapter 5: Arrival of SwimmyEdit

"Wheeee!!!!" exclaimed Dew as she flew along with Fleppy and Pete.

"Hey!" yelled Flappy, "It's been three years. Don't you think that we should destroy this chairman guy?"

"You're right!" exclaimed Fleppy, "I'll be right back!"

Fleppy flew straight towards cog nation. Flappy, Dew, and Pete stared in disbelief.

"We need to get his brain fixed," said Pete, "He can't defeat the chairman alone right?"

"I'm sure that he can," said Flappy, "I bought him a cellphone two years ago, so he can call for help. I hope he doesn't put it in the same container as his throw and squirt gags."

"Either way," said Pete, "I'm going to help him."

Pete was about to fly away until suddenly, a red duck stopped him.

"FLAPPY!" exclaimed the red duck as he landed in front of Flappy.

"Do I know you?" asked Flappy.

"You idiot. I'm your cousin, Swimmy," replied Swimmy.

"I have a cousin? My father never told me about his brother," said Flappy with a confused expression.

"You fool! You don't remember me?" said Swimmy angrily, "I don't care about that anyways. Why haven't you and your father taken over this country?"

"My father is dead... and why do we have to take over Toontown?" asked Flappy.

"Your side of the family is becoming more and more like the Toons," said Swimmy.

"Toons? I am a Toon..." replied Flappy.

"No you're not...." said Swimmy, "You're a Noot. How else would you and your father be so powerful at the art of gag throwing?"

"I'm a Noot? That sounds like 'Toon' backwards," said Flappy, "You're right about my family's abnormal power. I suppose you're a Noot too?"

"Yeah... in fact... our country, Noottown, has been taken over by the gocs," said Swimmy, "They killed almost all of the Noots. The only pure Noots that are left are you and me."

"Goc? That sounds like 'cog' backwards," said Flappy, "What are they?"

"They are an advanced form of cogs like how Noots are advanced forms of Toons," replied Swimmy, "Your father said that he would take over Toontown for the Noots. Apparently, he failed, which is strange because Noots are generally aggressive. I'm here to take over for your job. Join me, cousin!"

"No way!" replied Flappy, "I'm not going to let you terrorize Toontown. You'll have to fight me first."

Flower ran outside.

"Flappy! Who is this duck?" asked Flower.

"He's my cousin.... He wants to kill us," said Flappy.

"That's impossible... No one can kill you. You're too powerful," said Flower.

"That's true!" said Pete.

"Check his laff level," said Flappy.

Flower and Swimmy both took out their laff detectors. Swimmy pointed it at Dew. It read 104. Then he pointed it at Pete. It read 121. Then he pointed it at Flappy. It read 3416.

"Hehe... your laff is pretty high. That's what I expect from a Noot. You can't beat me though," said Swimmy.

Flower fainted. Flappy picked up the laff detector. It read 10454.

"Grrr..." said Flappy, "Laff isn't everything, but I know that I'll need more."

Flappy took out a jellybean.

"What kind of jellybean is that?" asked Pete.

"It is..... a normal one," replied Flappy, "I'm hungry."

Pete shook his head.

Flappy held out the jellybean and enchanted it somehow. Pete and Dew rubbed their eyes. Then Flappy ate it. Swimmy was still holding his laff detector.

"This is impossible!" exclaimed Swimmy, "His laff just doubled to 6832! If I'm not careful, I could be in real danger."

Flappy ate another enchanted jellybean. This time, he appeared to be agonizing over some pain.

"No! It doubled again! Now it's 13664!" exclaimed Swimmy, "How did he do that."

Pete and Dew stared. They stepped back.

Flappy started to charge up his fire hose. Swimmy stared. He let go, and the hose shot so fast that Swimmy could not dodge it. He held up his arms to block it. The water smashed into his arms and pushed him into a rock. Swimmy got up and limped over to Flappy.

"You're the toughest opponent that I have ever had," said Swimmy, "Prepare for my Noottanic!"

"Noottanic?" asked Flappy, "That doesn't sound easy to handle."

Swimmy took out a button and pressed it. Instantly, a gigantic ship that was half the size of Toontown began to fall.

"Oh no!" said Flappy, "The Toons will be crushed!"

Flappy blew his fire hose and flew up to the Noottanic.

"AHHHH!!!" yelled Flappy.

"FLAPPY! NO!!!!" yelled Pete and Dew.

"I'm okay...." said Flappy, "but this thing probably weighs more tons than my laff level."

"IMPOSSIBLE!" said Swimmy.

Flappy strained a little bit and instantly crushed the Noottanic, producing a gigantic nuclear-like explosion.

"DOUBLE IMPOSSIBLE!" exclaimed Swimmy, "No one can destroy the Noottanic!"

After the smoke cleared up, they could all see Flappy. He was holding the explosive power in his hand. After holding it for a second longer, he released it at Swimmy.

"NOOOOO!!!!" yelled Swimmy.

The explosion hit Swimmy and exploded again. Swimmy fell down unconscious. Flappy fell back down to the ground and looked badly injured. His laff went back to normal. Pete stepped up to finish Swimmy.

"No......" said Flappy, who was barely conscious, "Pete..... Spare him...."

"WHAT!!!!" yelled Pete, "This guy tried to kill you!"

"I'm sure..... that he..... can change," replied Flappy.

Flappy fell over unconsciously. Pete decided to honor Flappy's words and put Swimmy's body inside a random Toon's car.

"I don't know how those beans work," said Dew, "but I don't think that Flappy should use them again."

Chapter 6: Fleppy is CaughtEdit

"Aww.... I've been flying for two days!" complained Fleppy, "When will I get to Cog Nation?"

Fleppy flew a bit faster.

"There it is!" exclaimed Fleppy, "Why does the sign say 'Goc Nation?' They must have mispelled cog...."

Fleppy flew straight into the main building. He landed and put his fire hose away.

"I always thought that there was a limit to the amount of water in the hose.... I guess not," said Fleppy.

"SIR! WE HAVE A BREACH IN THE MAIN ENTRANCE!" exclaimed the servant cog.

"This Toon must be ridiculously stupid.... Nobody with a brain would breach the main entrance," said Chairman Titanium, "Send out the guard cogs."

"At once!" said the servant cog.


"Ughhhhhh... what happened to me?"

Swimmy looked around. He appeared to be lying on a bed. There was a short, purple, female mouse that was standing next to him.

"You're awake! Hello. My name is Lollipop," said the mouse.

"A TOON!" exclaimed Swimmy, "PREPARE TO DIE!"

Swimmy attempted to sit up but fell back down due to the extreme pain.


"You need your rest...." said Lollipop.

Swimmy fell back to sleep.

Back at cog nation...

"Uh oh.... cogs!" exclaimed Fleppy.

Fleppy pressed several buttons, and several flower pots instantly fell on all the cogs. They all exploded.

"FLOWER POTS DESTROYED MY LEVEL TWELVE COGS?" yelled Titanium, "That's impossible.... for a Toon. Perhaps... he is Noot?"

"That's impossible sir. Our goc team eliminated all of them," said the cog servant.

"Apparently not..." said Titanium, "I'm sure that he's the last.... send out one of the elite gocs."

A robot that appeared to be a Robber Baron walked out to meet Fleppy.

"One cog? They should have learned from my last attack," said Fleppy.

Back at Lollipop's house...

"Ugh," said Swimmy, "I feel terrible."

"Drink this," said Lollipop as she handed Swimmy a bowl of glowing soup.

"Hmph," said Swimmy, "I normally don't accept food from low-class Toons like you, but I'll make an exception this time."

Swimmy drank the soup and instantly became healed.

"Wow... that's some strong soup!" exclaimed Swimmy, "I have decided to spare you. I will now leave this cesspool that you call home."

Swimmy flew outside at the speed of light.

"I think that inside, he's just a softie," said Lollipop.

Swimmy scanned Toontown.

"Where is Flappy? I want to get revenge!" exclaimed Swimmy.

Back at Cog Nation...

Fleppy threw a cream pie at the goc. The goc waved his finger, and a beam shot out. It instantly obliterated the pie and knocked Fleppy back.

"That's impossible!" exclaimed Fleppy, "How can one cog be so strong?"

Fleppy took out a squirt gun and shot the goc with maximum force. Nothing happened. The Robber Baron goc took out a REAL pistol and shot Fleppy in the head. Fleppy fell down.

"OWWWW!" yelled Fleppy as he rubbed his sore head.

The goc walked over to Fleppy. Fleppy stepped back. Then the goc rushed over and smacked Fleppy on the face. Fleppy fell over unconscious.

"Excellent..." said Titanium, "Bring him over to the prison chamber at once."

The goc moved Fleppy into a prison cell. Then he locked the door and stood guard.

"I'll send a scouter goc to find out if there are more Noots that are still alive," said Titanium.

Back at Swimmy...

"I can't find Flappy!" exclaimed Swimmy.

Suddenly, a goc appeared in front of Swimmy.

"WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" yelled Swimmy.

Swimmy threw a cupcake with full force. It slammed into the goc and failed to cause any reaction.

"That's strange.... he didn't explode," said Swimmy, "I guess he's a goc."

Swimmy rammed into the goc with a birthday cake in his hand. The goc exploded.

"This is not good... that was just a scout," said Swimmy.

The goc dropped a letter. Swimmy picked it up.





"Did he destroy Flappy already?" asked Swimmy.

Swimmy flew down and found Flappy's house. He approached Flappy.

"Oh no...." said Flappy, "Fleppy has been captured. We have to free him."

"That isn't good," said Princess Dew.

"Look! Swimmy is back!" exclaimed Pete angrily.

"I'm not here to fight," said Swimmy.

"You must be up to no good," said Flappy.

"No... I've come to join forces with you to defeat the gocs."

"Gocs? Are they the ones that captured Fleppy?"

"Who's Fleppy?"

"He's my son."

"You breeded with the Toons? You're crazy...."

"So do you think that the gocs defeated Fleppy?"

"I suppose so...."

"Fine... we'll join forces to defeat the gocs."

"WHAT!" yelled Pete, "I hate him...."

"We have no choice Pete," said Flappy.

"Fine... let's go."

All four of them left towards Cog Nation.

Chapter 7: Noots to the Rescue!Edit

"I don't think we'll survive," said Pete, "We should have brought along my father and Bunny."

"SHUT YOUR FURRY MOUTH UP!" yelled Swimmy, "I'm already mad at the gocs. If you keep whining, I'll kill you too."

"You shouldn't be so aggressive Swimmy," said Dew, "But you're right, we should have faith in ourselves."

"Well.... Pete is kind of right. We need all the help we can get," said Flappy, "Bunny and Fish would be a great addition to our squad. By the way Swimmy, you can't kill Pete if you can't kill me!"

"GRRRRR! Remind me to destroy you when our alliance is over," said Swimmy angrily.

After several hours of flying, the squad finally arrived at Cog Nation.

"I think we should name our squad the Noot Squad," said Flappy.

"Dew and I aren't Noots though," said Pete.

"Pretend to be one," said Flappy.


"Guys look! We arrived!" exclaimed Dew.


"I sense some tough Noots and Toons coming in our direction," said Chairman Titanium, "What are their laff levels?"

"There are two Toons and two Noots," said the cog servant, "The Toons are at 104 and 121. The Noots are at 3541 and 11424."

"What! Oh well... that won't be a problem.... we just need to send out two more elite gocs," said Titanium.

"At once!" said the cog servant as he called for two more elite gocs.

The gocs flew into the prison room. The Noot Squad arrived at the same time.

"I can take a couple of cogs," said Pete.

"Go ahead, but be careful," said Flappy.

Pete took out a birthday cake and slammed it into one of the gocs. The goc brushed it off and stamped Pete. Pete fell over unconscious.

"They appear to be gocs," said Swimmy.

"Dew, you better stay out of this," said Flappy.

"Okay. I'll toon up Pete," said Dew.

Flappy and Swimmy prepared to fight the two gocs.

Flappy started throwing from his supply of cream pies while Swimmy took out some fire hoses. The gocs dodged everything and shredded their gags, nearly hitting Flappy and Swimmy. One of the gocs took out a laser and tried to shoot Swimmy's chest. Swimmy attempted to jump.

"AHHHHH!!!" yelled Swimmy.

"Swimmy! Are you okay?" asked Flappy as he dodged the other goc's words.

"I tried.... to dodge... that attack," said Swimmy, "but..... I wasn't... fast enough...."

"Swimmy! Your arm! It's missing!" yelled Flappy.

"I'll be alright," said Swimmy, "My arm will grow back due to the nature of Noots. We need a plan. We certainly don't want to be hit by the laser again."

"Can you use the Noottanic again?" asked Flappy.

"I could... if I still had both of my arms," said Swimmy.

Flappy turned around. One of the gocs was about to fire a laser at Flappy.

"I can't dodge this... so I'll need to block it," said Flappy, "but how?"

The beam shot out. Flappy stared at it. Suddenly, he grabbed a mirror in his gag pouch and held it up. The laser beam hit the mirror, reflected back, and shot through the goc. The goc fell over and exploded.

"Yay! You destroyed one!" exclaimed Dew.

The other goc turned and walked towards Swimmy. Swimmy chuckled.

"Wait a second.... if Swimmy just chuckled, then he's either crazy or extremely happy," said Dew.

Swimmy stood up, and as the goc walked closer, Swimmy grabbed a wedding cake with the arm that he still had and slammed it into the goc's face. The goc flew through the walls and exploded.

"Okay... now let's rescue Fleppy," said Flappy.

Pete woke up.

"Ow.... my head hurts," said Pete.

"We have to go rescue Fleppy," said Dew.

The Noot Squad ran into the next room. Fleppy was in a cage, and the goc guard turned around.

Flappy was prepared to battle.

"Flappy!" yelled Swimmy, "Go save your son. I'll destroy this one."

Flappy looked at Swimmy and then at Fleppy.

"HEY DAD!!! HELP ME!!!!" yelled Fleppy.

Flappy threw a cupcake at maximum power and dented a bar. Fleppy destroyed the bar with his fire hose. Then, he stepped out. Swimmy walked over to the goc.


Swimmy threw down the Noot Express train track. Then he grabbed the goc and smashed him on the railroad. A train that appeared to move at the speed of light crushed the goc, and the goc exploded.

"Let's go destroy the chairman now!" exclaimed Fleppy.

"FLEPPY!" yelled Dew, "You nor anyone else in our squad is in good enough condition to take on the chairman. We need to retreat back before one of us dies."

"You're right," said Fleppy with a frown.

The Noot Squad flew back to Flappy's house.

"Before we left, I sabotaged their prison computer," said Swimmy, "They will need atleast five years before they plan some sort of attack."

"And during this time, we need to train and become stronger," said Flappy.

"As much as I hate you Flappy, you're right," said Swimmy.

"Hey! What are we waiting for! Let's start!" exclaimed Pete.

Chapter 8: Strangest Couple YetEdit

The Noot Squad have begun their intense gag training for five years. A year into the training, the squad is interrupted by uninvited guests.

"I SENSE INTRUDERS!" exclaimed Pete.

"Who could it be?" asked Dew.

The five of them turned around to see a Kart.

"If they don't know how to use the Hose Technique, they must be pretty weak," said Fleppy.

The door of the Kart opened, and five Toons walked outside. Swimmy put up a frown on his face while Flappy reached for a fruit pie. As the smoke from the engine cleared out, There appeared to be a cat, a bunny, and three mice.

"DAD!" exclaimed Pete.

"Wow... Professor Fish and Bunny! How are you guys doing?" asked Flappy.

Flower ran outside.

"It's Fish and Bunny!" exclaimed Flower.

"It's been such a long time Flappy!" exclaimed Bunny, "We've come to help you."

"How did you know that we were going to battle the chairman?" asked Fleppy.

"It's all around the news!" exclaimed Fish.

"Wait a second," said Flappy, "Who are those three mice behind you?"

There were two light blue mice and a purple mouse. One of the blue mice was female, and the other was male.

"I'm actually not sure," said Fish, "They said something about a duck named Swimmy."

"WHAT!!!!" yelled Swimmy, "What could anyone possibly want from me?!?!?!"

"Don't you remember me?" asked the purple mouse.

"AHHH!!! YOU'RE THE MOUSE WHO SAVED MY LIFE! Why are you here? Don't make me kill you," said Swimmy.

"I have a name you know," said the purple mouse, "and I think that behavior of yours is kind of cute."

"Don't mess around with me!" yelled Swimmy, "You should go home Lollipop."

"YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE?" asked Flappy.

"The purple mouse saved my life after you nearly killed me," said Swimmy, "but I honestly don't know the other two."

"Oops! My bad," said Lollipop, "These two mice are the Mouseis. Mousei I is my cousin and Mousei II is his wife."

The male mouse stepped up with a fist clenched while the female mouse cowered behind him.

"What are you doing here anyways?" asked Pete.

"I was worried about Swimmy," said Lollipop, "so I came here to check on him. He's too fast to follow around, so I'm forcing him to MARRY ME!!!!!!!"

Flappy, Fleppy, Pete, Dew, Flower, Bunny, and Fish all gasped and stepped backwards. Swimmy looked at the others with a confused expression on his face.


"You really don't know?" asked Pete as he stepped back.

"NO OF COURSE NOT!" yelled Swimmy, "Will someone tell me what is going on?!?!"

"Uhhh... Lollipop," said Dew, "I think you're crazy if you want to marry Swimmy."

"I think that he's perfect," said Lollipop, "I know that you will want to experience love someday too! In fact, your future husband is probably the cat that is standing right there!"

Lollipop pointed at Fleppy.

"ME!?!?!?!" exclaimed Fleppy.

"OOOH BE QUIET!" yelled Dew.

Fleppy and Dew blushed like crazy.


"If you guys are getting married," said Flappy, "then that means that you'll be starting a family together!"

"WHAT!?!?!? NO WAY!" exclaimed Swimmy.

"YES WAY!" exclaimed Lollipop, "In fact, I'm already pregnant with our son."

"I HAVE A SON!?!?!? IMPOSSIBLE!" exclaimed Swimmy.

"Wait a second," said Pete, "If you just came here to marry Swimmy, then why in the world did you bring the Mouseis?"

"We can help you on your journey to Cog Nation," said the male Mousei.

The female Mousei was still hiding behind the male Mousei.

"Why is she coming along?" asked Flappy as he pointed at the female Mousei.

"Mousei II is to scared to leave Mousei I," said Lollipop.

"We'll train and come along too," said Fish and Bunny.

"Great!" exclaimed Flappy, "That's four more members to the Noot Squad."


"You're adorable Swimmy," said Lollipop, "I'm going to go home now and take care of our son!"

"Wow.... congratulations Swimmy," said Pete.

"I don't even understand what just happened," said Swimmy.


"Curses!" yelled Chairman Titanium, "I'm going to find the Toons and Noots that are responsible for this damage!"

"Sir, calm down," said the cog servant, "We can't do anything about it for atleast four more years."

"When I get my hands on those Toons and Noots, they will wish that they were never BORN!" yelled Titanium angrily.

Chapter 9: Who is Wave?Edit

"Yes..... the repairs are finished. Now I can take over the Toons!!!!" exclaimed Chairman Titanium.

"Sir... you should be careful... they probably trained as hard as they could in the past five years," warned the cog servant.

"Are you questioning my power? I'm getting tired of you," said Titanium.

"NOO!!! Please spare me," pleaded the cog servant.

"Alright but no more outbursts like that," said Titanium.


"It's been five years since we saved Fleppy," said Professor Fish, "We should probably go back to cog nation."

"Yeah," said Fleppy, "I hope that we're strong enough though."

"Enough chit-chat," said Swimmy, "Let's hurry up and go."

"WAIT FOR ME!!!!!" yelled a small, child voice.

The Noot Squad turned around. There was a purple, child, male duck that was standing behind them gasping for air.

"I'm sorry kid," said Pete, "but you can't come with us. We're going on a mission that's too dangerous for ordinary Toons."

"Wait," said the little duck, "I'm not a Toon. My mother told me that I was a Noot."

"A NOOT!?!?!" exclaimed Dew, "That's impossible!"

"What's a Noot?" asked Fleppy.

"You're a Noot," said Flappy, "and so are Swimmy and I. We're the last three Noots that exist. This child can't be a Noot."

"Wanna bet?" asked the little duck.

The duck took out a squirt gun and shot an entire mountain down.

"WOAH!!!!" exclaimed Pete, "Look kid... just go find your parents or something."

The duck pointed at Swimmy, "That's my father.... and my name is Wave."

The Noot Squad stared at Wave. Then they started laughing their heads off except Swimmy.

"HAHAHA NO WAY!" exclaimed Pete.

"Be quiet! I can kill all of you!!!" yelled Wave.

"Hey maybe he's right," said Flappy, "He has Swimmy's personality."

"I HEARD THAT!" yelled Swimmy.

Everybody else laughed even harder.

"All of you! SHUT UP!!!!" yelled Swimmy angrily, "This child is my son... I can sense it. You should leave, Wave. You're only a toddler. You don't want to end your life now."

"No... I have to come," said Wave, "It's my destiny."

"Your destiny?" asked Flappy as he stared at Wave, "I guess we have another member in the Noot Squad."

"That makes ten!" exclaimed Fleppy.

"You don't know what you're getting into," said Swimmy, "but I guess you can come along. NOW LET'S GO ALREADY!!!"

The new and improved Noot Squad took off and flew over to Cog Nation.

"The same team is coming back with more members and laff," said Titanium, "This could be more fun than ever! Send out the Super Gocs."

"The Super Gocs?!?!?! Is it really necessary to release them?" asked the cog servant.

"Grrr... I'm growing tired of you," said Titanium.

Titanium glared at his cog servant, and the cog servant exploded. The Super Gocs walked outside.

"Go outside and guard the entrance," said Titanium, "This will be interesting."

The Noot Squad landed on the main entrance and was immediately greeted by one of the Super Gocs.

"Hello... my name is Screw. I'll be the person who welcomes and destroys you," said the Super Goc.

"We can take him!" exclaimed Flappy.

"No Flappy. You go on ahead," said Fish, "Bunny and I will stay here and take on this oversized cog."

"Alright. I'll leave it to you guys then," said Flappy.

"Wait. I'll stay here too," said Pete, "I want to be with my father until the end."

Fish nearly shed a tear.

"Okay," said Flappy, "We wish you good luck."

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Screw.

Bunny hopped in and slammed a fruit pie into Screw's face. Pete and Fish followed with squirt guns. The rest of the Noot Squad moved into the next room. Screw just stepped back and wiped his face.

"This guy is much tougher than I thought," said Bunny.

Screw turned on his laff detector program. He looked at Bunny, Fish, and Pete.

"So.... the rabbit's at 998, the old cat's at 984, and the young cat's at 1221," said Screw, "This will be easier than I thought."

Screw took out a calculator and used it on Fish. Fish got pummeled and fell over and struggled to get up.

"That's not good," said Pete.

Pete and Bunny combined their birthday cakes and slammed it on Screw. Screw shrugged it off.

"THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" yelled Pete.

Screw took out a water cooler and pushed Bunny into the wall. Bunny fell over. Then, Screw took out a hammer and smashed Bunny several times. Bunny fell over unconscious.

"You're next," said Screw as he looked over to Pete.

Pete stepped back and tripped. He was scared stiff. Screw charged up a laser with incredible force and released it. The beam was inching closer and closer to Pete.


Pete closed his eyes. The laser struck.... but it didn't touch Pete. Pete looked up. Fish was standing there with a large hole in his chest.

"NO DAD!!!" yelled Pete.

"Go... and... save... yourself... Pete," said Fish as he fell over.

"No.... it... can't... be..." said Bunny, who was still lying helplessly on the floor.

"Hehe... I can never understand Toons," said Screw.

"YOU... MONSTER!!!" yelled Pete.

Pete swelled up with anger.

"YOU ARE GOING TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Pete.

Chapter 10: Screw is Screwed and Bolt BoltsEdit

Pete was so angry that it was as if he was on fire.

"What's.... going... on?" asked Bunny.

After a few seconds, Pete actually did catch on fire. The fire appeared to be filled with mini cupcakes.

"His laff level.... is rising... tremendously!!!" exclaimed Screw, "It's impossible!"

In a minute, Pete's laff rose to five thousand.

"FIVE THOUSAND!!! COULD HE BE THE LEGENDARY MEGA TOON?!?!?!" yelled Screw, "This is impossible. His laff is getting even higher. If it gets too high, I won't be able to finish him."

After another minute, Pete's laff rose to fifteen thousand.

"Woah...." said Bunny, "Fish's son is so powerful. He might be stronger than Flappy."

"I better finish him now!" exclaimed Screw.

Screw sprinted towards Pete and tried to hit him with a hammer. The hammer hit Pete's head and then cracked into a million pieces.

"Uh oh... his laff is at thirty thousand. He could certainly defeat me now...." said Screw.

Screw tried to run away. Pete shot him in the chest with a seltzer bottle. Screw exploded, and his laff detector fell out. Pete lost all of his extra laff and fell over unconscious.

"Wow.... Fish's son... is really powerful...." said Bunny, "We would.... come help you.... Flappy... but we're far too weak...."


"I sense another goc," said Swimmy.

The second Super Goc walked into the room.

"Wow... we certainly have a colorful group today," said the Super Goc, "My name is Bolt. It will be a pleasure to destroy you."

"Great. There's another one," said Fleppy, "I hope that Pete and the others are okay."

"You guys move on ahead," said Mousei I, "Mousei II and I will take care of this goc."

"Alright. We trust you," said Flappy.

"Awww," said Mousei II, "I'm scared."

Flappy, Fleppy, Dew, Wave, and Swimmy moved towards the next room.

"NO!!! How could I let them escape!?!?!" yelled Bolt, "I guess I'll just destroy these two then."

Mousei I prepared to fight. Mousei II ran to find something to hide behind. Bolt opened up his laff detector. He pointed it to both of the Mouseis.

"Heh... their combined laff is only 10126," said Bolt, "This will be a piece of cake."

"Hey ," said Mousei I, "This guy is too tough. Why don't we use our suicidal technique?"

"If it will destroy that creep," said Mousei II.

Mousei II stepped out while shivering. The two mice joined hands and started yelling out incantations.

"This doesn't look good," said Bolt, "I should attack them."

Bolt started flying towards the Mousei twins.

"Good luck Noot Squad," said Mousei I.

There was suddenly a huge explosion of fruit and cream pies.

"AHHHH!!!" yelled Bolt, "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!?!?!?"

The pies clobbered Bolt and Bolt exploded.


"Ah!" blurted Fleppy.

"What's wrong Fleppy?" asked Flappy.

"I felt a huge surge of power from both of the previous gocs... I have a feeling that some members of our squad are gone," said Fleppy.

"Uh oh!" yelled Dew, "That's not a good sign."

"I think you have much more things to worry about," said a robotic voice from the next room.

The third and final Super Goc walked into the room.

"My name is Nail," said the Super Goc, "Your journey ends here."

"I'll take him on alone," said Fleppy.

"Wait!" yelled Flappy, "I think Wave should go with you."

"Yeah I'm fine with that," said Wave, "Make sure you don't get in my way though."

"Oh brother... he's just like Swimmy," said Flappy.

"WAIT FLEPPY!" exclaimed Dew, "I want to come with you too!"

"Okay Dew, but be careful. You're the princess. We don't want anything bad to happen to you," said Fleppy.

Chapter 11: Nail Nails ItEdit

"Dew," said Fleppy, "You better stay back to be safe."

"Okay Fleppy," said Dew.

Nail took out his laff detector. He pointed it at all three of them.

"Hmm... the lady only has 405... still pretty impressive. The duck has 2,000... and he's only a toddler.... The cat has.... UNBELIEVABLE.... 26,703!!!! I better make quick work of these Toons."

"How do you know that we're Toons?" asked Wave, "We're obviously too powerful for that."

Fleppy started pummeling Nail with cream pies.

"Grrr.... I better think of something fast," said Nail, "These aren't Toons. They're Noots! I thought we destroyed all of them though."

Fleppy dropped a safe on Nail. Nail destroyed the safe and stood up with several bruises. Wave stood there and smiled. Dew hid in a corner and clapped.

"Wait a second... I found his weakness!" exclaimed Nail as he looked towards Dew.

"Uh oh," said Fleppy, "He's aiming at Dew."

"DIE!!!" yelled Nail.

Nail took out a giant sledgehammer and threw it towards Dew.

"AHHHH!" screamed Dew.

"Leave her alone!" yelled Fleppy.

Fleppy jumped in front of Dew and tried to push the sledgehammer back. The sledgehammer fell down but whacked Fleppy into a wall.

"NOOO!!! Fleppy!!!" yelled Dew.

Fleppy couldn't move. He was about to fall unconscious.

"Wave! It's up to you now!" yelled Fleppy.

"Great!" yelled Wave sarcastically, "Naturally, I have to do the work. I thought that leaving mother would save me some trouble...."

"Fleppy!" yelled Dew, "Don't die...."

"Dew... you have to cling on to your hope... you must survive. I'll be okay," said Fleppy, "I promise."

"You better be..." said Dew.

"Dew.... " said Fleppy, "I didn't... get a chance.... to say.... this.... yet."

"What?" asked Dew.

Fleppy gasped, "I.... love.... you...."

Fleppy fell over. Dew sobbed.

"I love you too Fleppy," said Dew.

"HAHA. How romantic," said Nail.

"Grrr... I wish I could do something," said Dew.

"Now I just have to finish the kid," said Nail.

"My laff is a lot higher than it seems," said Wave.

"We'll see," said Nail.

Nail threw several words from the dictionary at Wave. Not a single word missed. There were several word outbursts. After all the letters cleared up, Nail chuckled.

"He's finished. No one could have survived that," said Nail.

"Aww..." said Dew, "Now it's hopeless."

"Hehe," said a voice from the corner.

"Who's there?" asked Nail as he backed up.

"Your attack was extremely weak," said Wave.

"Impossible. The laff detector said that his laff was only 2,000. Wait a second... now it says... 40,000!!!!! AHHHH!!!!" yelled Nail.

Wave destroyed Nail with a single cupcake.

"YAY!" exclaimed Dew, "You destroyed Nail!"

"Shut up weakling," said Wave.

"Wow... you're just like your father," said Dew.


"Where are we?" asked Flappy.

"I'm not sure," said Swimmy, "but stay on your guard. I feel some terrible sad power here."

"Hehe... it seems that you left your friends behind to fight me," said a voice from the darkness.

"Who's there?" asked Flappy.


Chapter 12: Battle of the CenturyEdit

Chairman Titanium walked out from the shadows. Flappy and Swimmy turned around. Titanium was absolutely hideous. He was built out of solid titanium. There were holes in his body that were filled with a green liquid and covered with glass. There also appeared to be several Noot limbs on his back.

"Ewww," said Flappy, "When was the last time he looked in the mirror?"

"Haha..." said Titanium, "Someone has a sense of humor."

"Just shut up and fight," said Swimmy.

"What in the world could two Toons do to me?" asked Titanium as he chuckled.

"We're not Toons," said Flappy, "We're Noots."

"HAHA!" laughed Titanium, "I may have accidently let some Noots escape my wrath, but it doesn't matter whether you are Toons or Noots. I will still destroy you."

"We happen to be very powerful," said Swimmy.

"So what," said Titanium, "I can destroy you. Then there will be no more Noots left. See these arms and legs on my back? I planted them there to increase my strength. They're all from your fellow Noots."

"I guess you're a goc then?" asked Flappy.

"I used to be a goc.... but now... I'm a goc/Noot hybrid!" exclaimed Titanium.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" yelled Swimmy.

"I guess I'll check your laff anyways," said Titanium.

Titanium hopped out of his chair and pulled out his laff detector. He pointed it at Flappy and Swimmy.

"Hehe... let's see," said Titanium, "WHAT!!! THEY BOTH HAVE LAFF THAT'S OVER 100,000!!!!"

"See?" said Swimmy, "We can easily crush you."

"Not quite," said Titanium, "You Noots may be tough, but you'll never be tougher than me! In fact, I'll let you take the first shot."

Swimmy looked at Flappy. Flappy nodded. They both threw a birthday cake at the speed of light. The cake slammed into the chairman. Titanium wiped it off. He appeared to be extremely weak.

"I don't think that you're so tough," said Flappy.

"Actually," said Titanium, "Since I'm a goc/Noot hybrid, I can just use Noot-Up and get myself back to perfect health."

Titanium used his Noot-Up gags, and Flappy and Swimmy gasped.


"Grrr," said Wave, "Why do I have to be the only one who moves on. I guess I should help my father and his friend, but I know better than to run in head on."

Wave opened a separate door. Dew looked up.

"Maybe I'll go find the control room," said Wave.

"Be careful," said Dew.

"Just stay here and don't get in my way," said Wave.

Back in the battle with Titanium...

"This guy is too much," said Swimmy as he tried to pummel Titanium with pie slices.

"Yeah. WATCH OUT!" yelled Flappy as he dodged a dictionary.

The dictionary slammed into Swimmy, and the words spilled out onto his body.

"AHHHHH!!!!" yelled Swimmy as he struggled to remove the dictionary.

Flappy backed off.

"I need a plan," said Flappy.

Swimmy finally removed the book off his chest and stepped up.

"It's funny," said Swimmy, "You might defeat me, but my friend here will obliterate you. We might have similar laff levels, but there's something special in him."

"Shut up Noot," said Titanium.

Titanium shot a laser at Swimmy and severely burned him.

"AHHHH!!!!" yelled Swimmy.

Titanium ran over to Swimmy and hit him with an anvil. Swimmy fell over all bruised and burned up.

"Flappy....." said Swimmy, "Do.... me.... a... favor, and.... destroy.... him....."

Swimmy lost consciousness. Flappy became angry, and tried to increase his laff through anger. Nothing happened. Titanium ran up and punched Flappy with a boxing glove. Flappy flew over to the other side of the room.

"You're a monster," said Flappy.

"How rude," said Titanium, "Are you angry?"

Flappy ran up with a cream pie, only to be hit backwards by the same glove. Bruises started forming on Flappy's body. Flappy stood up.

"Do you want to know what your friends look like at this very moment?" asked Titanium.

"Huh?" said Flappy.

Titanium pulled up the video tape from the security cameras. There were three rooms. In the first room, Fish, Bunny, and Pete layed there without motion. In the second room, there were several pies but no signs of life. In the third room, Dew was crying as Fleppy layed next to her unconsciously.

"Don't forget your friend over there," said Titanium as he pointed at Swimmy.

"All of my friends...." said Flappy, "They're hurt!"

A red aura surrounded Flappy. Flappy was getting angrier by the second.

"WHAT!" exclaimed Titanium, "His laff is at 200,000!!!! No wait... now it's 300,000!!!"

A large flame filled with cupcakes formed. The flame erupted high up to the roof.

"500,000..... 600,000!!!!" yelled Titanium.

Suddenly, Flappy started floating without the help of the Hose Technique. The flame turned from red to a light blue color.

"900,000!!! IT'S OVER A MILLION!!!!" yelled Titanium, "I never knew that it was possible to get this powerful through anger!"

Flappy smiled.

"IT'S AT THE ALL TIME MAXIMUM OF 1,370,000!!!!" exclaimed Titanium, "AHHH!!!!!"

The room started trembling. The glass that covered the water pockets of Titanium shattered. Titanium's laff detector exploded.

"It's time to pay for everything that you have done!!!" exclaimed Flappy.

Chapter 13: Rise of the Mega NootEdit

"Hmmm," said Wave, "I appear to be in the prison computer room."

Wave walked over to the computer.

"Cool!" exclaimed Wave, "I get to be just like my dad."

Wave crushed the computer.


"HIS POWER IS INCREDIBLE!" exclaimed Titanium.

Suddenly, the lights went out.

"What!?!?!" yelled Titanium, "Someone must have sabotaged the computer again!"

Flappy zoomed up close to Titanium. Titanium turned around.... only to see a cream pie in his face.

"AGHHH!" yelled Titanium.

Titanium was pushed through the wall. He looked up. There was a purple duck that was right next to him.

"Who are you?" asked Titanium.

"I'm Wave," exclaimed Wave, "I sabotaged your computer."

"WHAT!!?!?!?" yelled Titanium, "I'm going to destroy you."

Titanium stood up.... only to be hit with a birthday cake this time. Titanium hit a rubber coating and bounced back. He shot through the hole and hit the wall on the other side.

"Wow..." said Wave, "Flappy is stronger than I thought. I always thought that my dad was the strongest guy on the planet. Where is my dad anyways?"

Wave walked through the hole. Swimmy began to wake up.

"DAD!" exclaimed Wave.

Wave ran over to Swimmy. He used a Noot-Up on Swimmy. Swimmy jumped up.

"Aren't you going to help Flappy now?" asked Wave.

"I'm sorry Wave," said Swimmy, "but I'm no match for this chairman. Flappy will need to finish him off."

Flappy dropped a two million ton safe on Titanium.

"AHHHHHH!!!!" screamed Chairman Titanium.

Flappy cooled down and his aura disappeared.

"UGH!!!" yelled Chairman Titanium, "He was the Mega Noot.... he was incredible!!!"

Flappy stepped up to Titanium. Titanium was still agonizing over the pain under the safe.

"Have you learned your lesson?" asked Flappy.

Titanium chuckled, "You may have beaten me, but I am glad to have witnessed such an incredible power. Someday, you Noots will dies out, and the gocs will take over...."

Titanium gasped and exploded. The explosion was extremely bright and loud. Flappy, Wave, and Swimmy covered their ears and closed their eyes.

The three of them immediately ran to the previous room. Dew was using a Toon-Up on Fleppy.

"Dew," said Flappy, "That won't work. You'll need me to use a Noot-Up instead."

Dew stepped back while Flappy used a Noot feather to tickled Fleppy back to good shape.

"Wow," said Fleppy, "I feel much better. Was the battle tough?"

Swimmy looked over at Flappy. Flappy smiled.

"Of course it was! I'm glad that you're okay my son," said Flappy.

"Fleppy!" exclaimed Dew, "You're okay!"

Dew kissed Fleppy on the cheek. The five of them ran into the next room. There were several splattered pies. The Mouseis were nowhere to be found.

"Do you think they died?" asked Dew.

"No...." said Swimmy, "I don't think that they died. They destroyed their bodies, but their spirits still roam the world freely."

"That's a relief," said Flappy.

The five of them walked into the next room. Bunny was able to sit up. Pete regained consciousness but still couldn't move.

"Flappy!" exclaimed Bunny, "You're back! We were in a lot of trouble until Pete saved us."

"Wow," said Fleppy, "You must be pretty powerful, Pete."

"Heh...." said Pete, "Do you mind Tooning us up?"

Dew walked over and Tooned-Up Bunny and then Pete. Then she walked over to Fish.

"Don't..." said Bunny.

"What are you saying?" asked Flappy, "Is he...."

"Yeah..." said Pete, "My poor father."

Bunny picked up Fish's body.

"I think that he deserves to have a proper burial," said Bunny.

"I agree," said Flappy.

The seven remaining members of the Noot Squad flew back home.

Chapter 14: Progression to RealityEdit

The Noot Squad arrived back at Toontown Central. Mr. Storm, the current president of Toontown walked outside.

"Finally!" exclaimed Mr. Storm, "The princess has come back! Why did you leave us for five years? We were worried."

"Sorry dad," said Dew, "but I wanted to chase the love of my life."

"Who's that?" asked Mr. Storm.

Dew pointed to Fleppy. Fleppy walked up and hugged Dew.

"Wow!" exclaimed Mr. Storm, "We shall have a wedding at once!"

Flower ran over.

"My son is getting married???" asked Flower, "That's bizarre!"

Flower looked over at Bunny. Bunny was still holding Fish's body.

"Is that..... Professor Fish?" asked Flower.

"Yeah...." said Bunny, "I think we should have a funeral for Professor Fish.

At the funeral...

The coffin was buried as people placed flowers on a nearby table.

"Dad...." said Pete.

"I'm sorry Pete," said Flappy, "but I'm sure that your father is living peacefully in heaven and watching over you."

"I promise that I'll be a good professor just like he was," said Pete.

"Professor Pete? That sounds funny," said Fleppy as he chuckled.

"Nonsense!" exclaimed Mr. Storm, "You toons helped save Toontown, so we will renovate your laboratory and make it into a school!"

"Wow really?" asked Pete, "That would be great!"

The blue cat walked into his old father's laboratory.

"I guess you all have to call me Professor Pete now!" exclaimed Pete.

At the wedding...

"You may kiss the bride!" exclaimed Mr. Storm.

Fleppy kissed Dew and began to eat some cake.

"Wait a second," said Fleppy, "Where is Pete?"

"He's probably still admiring his new school," said Bunny.

"Nope!" exclaimed a familiar voice, "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

"Pete!" exclaimed Flappy.

"Hey!" yelled Pete, "You have to call me Professor Pete!"

"You were wrong Bunny!" yelled Fleppy.

"I'm too old for this," said Bunny.

"Hey! I have the perfect nickname for you!" exclaimed Dew.

"You're giving me a nickname?" asked Bunny.

"Yup. You're old... and your last name is Oldman.... so I'll call you Lil Oldman!"

"That's not that bad!" exclaimed Bunny.

Meanwhile in a different area of the party...

"SWIMMY!!!!" yelled Lollipop.

"What?" asked Swimmy, "Stop bothering me. I'm hungry."

"I just wanted you to know that I'm pregnant again!" exclaimed Lollipop.

Swimmy spit out his cake and dropped his plate. He looked at Lollipop.

"WHAT!?!?!" yelled Swimmy.

"It's a girl!" exclaimed Lollipop.

"NO!!!!!!" yelled Swimmy, "MY WORST NIGHTMARES HAVE COME TRUE!!!!"

"I'm going to have a sister?" asked Wave, "That's not good....."

"I think we should name her candy," said Lollipop.

"Name her what you want," said Swimmy, "I don't want her."

"You're mean," said Lollipop.

Swimmy grinned. He walked over to Fleppy.

"Hi Swimmy," said Fleppy.

"Congratulations," said Swimmy.

Everyone gasped.


"Shut up," said Swimmy.

"Oh my gosh!" yelled Dew, "I think I'm pregnant."

"Really?" asked Fleppy, "How did that happen?"

"You see Fleppy," said Swimmy, "Noots automatically have children once they get married."

"Oh..." said Dew.

"How come Flower wasn't?" asked Flappy.

"I guess your wedding just wasn't the same," said Swimmy.

"I see several similarities," said Flappy.

"Maybe your wife has issues or something," said Swimmy.

"I HEARD THAT!" yelled Flower.

Professor Pete walked over to Dew with an x-ray.

"It seems to be a light blue, boy dog," said Pete.

"Why couldn't it be a cat like me?" asked Fleppy.

"Because he has my characteristics," said Dew, "Haha!"

"What do we name him?" asked Fleppy.

"He already looks like me," said Dew, "So we should name him after you."

"I think all the vowels are taken though," said Fleppy, "Let me check. Fluppy, Floppy, Flappy, Fleppy.... Hey! There's one more!"

"Then it's settled! Our baby dog shall be named Flippy!" exclaimed Dew.


The Noot Squad split up. Lil Oldman and Professor Pete stayed to take care of Fleppy, Dew, Mr. Storm, and Flippy. Flappy and Flower went up to the mountains to live a peaceful life together. Swimmy and Wave were supposed to live in Lollipop's house, but they destroyed it on accident, so Swimmy built another house that was made from bricks and concrete. Swimmy's heart changed as his daughter, Candy, was born. Swimmy learned to love his daughter since he realized that his daughter was a red mouse and had his Noot genes. Fluppy passed away and smiled as he was delighted to see his two grandsons live happily.

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