Fists is the first weapon track for Reforms. It's accuracy varies depending on how high level the attack is, and only targets one cog at a time under normal circumstances.


The Fists track is the first weapon track Reforms have. It is given to the player during the Final Lesson. If they choose to skip the tutorial, they will have the first Fists weapon when they enter the Hideout.


  • They do somewhat-high damage.
  • They level up quickly.


  • They start out with very low accuracy.

Fists AttacksEdit

Level Name Description Damage Accuracy Skill Points
1 Punch Throw a sloppy punch. 5 Low 10
2 Left Jab A fast attack that doesn't do much damage. 10 Medium 20
3 Right Hook Throw a curved punch straight at the enemy's face. 20 Medium 40
4 Block

This is a special attack that lessens the damage of any incoming cog attack by 10-20% for a set number of rounds. However, the user cannot attack until it the set number of rounds has passed.

N/A N/A 100
5 Sucker Punch Deliver a heavy blow to the enemy! Has a chance to disable the enemy for a number of rounds. 60 High 250
6 Uppercut An incredibly powerful attack that has a high chance of temporarily disabling the enemy. 90 High 500
7 Roundhouse Kick Deliver a roundhouse kick, Chuck Norris-style! 150 to all cogs Perfect 500 to go!

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