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Inflating Day on ToontownEdit

At little cecil's house little cecil and paco were playing together at one time crunchypow knocks on the door little cecil opens the door. "Can I help you?" little cecil asked crunchypow said "I saw that were having inflating day! you've gotta see this!". little cecil asked "Wow! I do?", "Yes!". So they ran off except for paco later. Kong hosts the toons to inflate one of the members including Ray, Bacon, Rare, and Flapjack. Little cecil paco and crunchypow peek out of the trash can they see ray bacon and rare inflating with helium, "Grrrrruff! ruff!" Paco said "Shhh! We'll find out paco don't worry". "Look!" crunchypow exclaimed Bacon rare and ray all inflate. "Uh oh" little cecil said as they all ran off. "OK Toons we have a winner". Kong said. Then later on Crunchypow Paco and little cecil were thinking a way to stop everyone from inflating "Hmmm..." Crunchypow thought as he had an idea "I think we'll use the stoppable inflating machine to work". Little cecil thought of himself "It would be a great idea!". So they all work together making a Stoppable Inflting Machine as they're all done. "Whew!" Crunchypow said "This work made me all tired". Paco found a missing item from a machine. "Arf! arf! arf! arf!" Paco exclaimed. "Paco what is it?" Little cecil asked he finds out what it is a hole was shown. "I know what we forgot!" Crunchypow thought "Maybe the lights!" Little cecil said So he went to find some light bulbs and found them. "Here they are!" "Wow thanks! Crunchypow said as they all fixed the machine The stoppable Inflating Machine looks all perfect. Later on kong brings in some level 7 cogs ray is seen with them. "And we're ready for the entire inflating cogs!" Kong said as he starts out. Angle on Little cecil,Crunchypow and Paco were bringing in the machine to stop people from inflating. "I wonder when will we use it?" Little cecil asked. "We'll use it at the event if so". After a moment the cogs start inflating themselves until then.... "Sigh" Ray complained "I wonder when will this stop". "No complaining" Kong said to ray "It's NOT when I'm talking about". When little cecil crunchypow and paco push the machine to the inflating event there are some cogs getting inflated "Uh... Crunchypow" Little cecil asked "Do I see anyone get inflated? "Ah-HAH!" Crunchypow exclamied "You found some cogs inflated Time to pick up the trash Crunchypow throws the machine in the event full of toons "Ugh a machine?" Bubsy complained as he walked off. Crunchypow little cecil and paco run into the event "There you are" Crunchypow said "We've been seeing you inflate". Kong said "Oh well what do you mean?" Crunchypow said "Our stoppable inflating machine will work until you die!" he turns on the machine and deflates everything. "Grrrrr!" Kong groweled as he walked away everything was saved the day for sure.


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