Gag Power Description
Level 1: Uppercut 12 (when it's organic it's 20) The Uppercut Move is when the toon puts there fists, they jump up really high and punch the cog in the face
Level 2: Double Uppercut 24 (organic is 28) The Double Uppercut move is the exact same move as the Uppercut move; just the toon punches twice
Level 3: Front Kick 33 (organic is 37) The Front Kick is when the toon walks and just randomly kicks the cog. (You; the player might think it was unexpected as well.
Level 4: Spin Kick 48 (organic is 52) The Spin Kick is when the toon runs and just spins and kicks them. (isn't that how spin kicks work???????)
Level 5: Headbutt 72 (organic is 81) The Headbutt is when a toon does a wicked jump then then headbutts the cog which will lead to the cog having his "head" coming off which is really hilarious
Level 6: Spinning Heel Kick 135 (organic is 169) The Spinning Heel Kick is when the toon does a wicked jumps and and does a Spinning Heel Kick which is also referred as a Backflip Kick. Having said that, when the toon does it the cog jumps and falls on his back. A Fact: This was another reason that Disney didn't let this in Toontown
Level 7: Ball kick 216 (organic is 222) The toon walks up to the cog, and does a swift kick to the balls. This attack has a 90% chance of htting.

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