Kevin J. Pup, now known as Epic Pup, is a toon. He is very arrogant.

Life StoryEdit

Like most other dog toons, Epic Pup was born as part of a litter. Epic Pup has five borthers: Ken Pup, Dean Pup, Larry Pup, Ivo Pup, and Melvin Pup. Epic Pup was the smallest of the siblings, and always got beat up. However, Epic Pup discovered he could control water one day, and he attempted to drown his brothers. However, Sir Binky interfered, and Epic Pup was sent to jail for attempted murder. However, Epic Pup broke a sink in the jail's bathroom, and used the water to warp out of jail. Epic Pup stole the identity of his cousin and continues life in Toontown.


Epic Pup is very arrogant due to his powers. He is also evil, stealing his own cousin's identity.


Epic Pup can control water. He can also drown people, freeze people, and purify water. Epic Pup, however, must not use his power, lest he be recognized and executed.


  • Epic Pup has submereged his siblings at the bottom of a lake, and has frozen the toon he stole his identity from.
  • Epic Pup can breathe underwater.
  • Epic Pup can also control fish, and thus is an expert at fishing.

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