Epicbots are extremely dangerous. They don't start at level 1... They range from 6-36! They can be found in the deepest, darkest realms of toontown. Later in the serise of Skooby's Quest, (Cog Nation) Skooby is attacked by an army of these bots.
Epibot logo

Epibot logo

Epibots also have their own type of goon! These goons are REALLY dangerous! ( They do -1337!) Every Epibot has 6 levels. There are currently 5 types.

Read about their HQ here:


To learn how to get a promo, go here:

Epibot examplesEdit

Level 6 to 12: Epic Face

Level 12 to 18:Pie*

Level ? to ?: Portaled Enemy

Level 24 to 30:Corrupted Doodles

Level 30 to 36: Corrupted Toon

Level 36 to 42: Corrupted Cog (fanamde)

Minor Bosses: Zita The Sorcerer, Fireball Purpleboom

Boss: LCT

Special Cog Types:Edit

Epigoon Level 545+

CoLCT Level 1337

X-Trons Invincable (fanmade idea)


  • Epibots do have Skelecogs, but they can only be found in Cog Nation!
  • Recent research shows that Epibots have their own HQ, But only certain toons may access it.
  • Because pie is epic!*

Book AppearancesEdit

Toons allowed into Epibot HQEdit

  1. Skooby
  2. Kog N. Disguise
  3. Real Random Uber Dog
  4. Ted E. Bear
  5. Lightning Strike
  6. Lloyd (any of the toons who pick that name out of the pick a name list)
  7. Ima Dog
  8. Drew A. Blank
  9. Lilly

Cogs who have accessEdit

  1. Chairman
  2. The Cog With No Name
  3. Zita The Sorcerer
  4. Fireball Purpleboom
  5. Every single epibot
  6. Shockerbot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ect.

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