Electricity GagsEdit

Electricity gags are the other track you can get after you have defeated the assisstant coach 15-16 times. The gags in the track sometimes need lure, a little like trap, and do a little more damage than trap does. You can carry the same amount as any other track. They're accuracy, same with trap is Perfect. The gags are:

  • Shock on carpet (15 damage) (needs lure)
  • Joy Buzzer (25 damage) (needs lure)
  • Ben Franklins kite (40 damage)
  • Electric Pen (60 damage)
  • Electric Eel pit (80 damage) (needs lure)
  • Stun Gun  (185 damage)
  • Lightning Cloud (200 damage)

These gags should definitely be saved for the toughest cogs. Remember, some of these can be combined for gag damage. some have to be lured. you can get knockback damage on the few that aren't lured with, but also like trap, used on more than one cog and they will be cancelled out.