Election is the third short of the series Doctor Tricky's Shorts.


Doctor Tricky Bumblefish and Flippy face off for the posistion of mayor of Toontown.


(The short starts with Doctor Tricky putting up a sign saying 'Vote for Doctor Tricky today!')


Doctor Tricky: Putting up a sign for my campaign.

Flippy: Carry on then with your old fasioned skills. Let me show you the REAL DEAL!!!

(Lots of fireworks go into the sky, showing pictures of Flippy and saying Flip for Flippy once again!)

Flippy: Lets see how you can get better than that!

Doctor Tricky: You know it is daytime, right?

(Flippy does a facepalm)

Unnamed Toon 1: Oh, look! It's Doctor Tricky Bumblefish!

Unnamed Toon 2: Impossible!

(The toons run over Flippy, and go over to Doctor Tricky)

Unnamed Toon 1: We are going to vote for you at the Toontown Mayor Election! Right, Slappers?

Slappers: Yes! We are voting for you because of Flippy's recent... weirdness.

Flippy: i'm not weird let me ban you then for saying that i rule

(Flippy tries banning them, but can't)

Flippy: UGH! I forgot how to ban again... now I need the Big Book of Banning for Dummies again! For the fifty-fourth time!

Slappers: Ok? So me and Snappers will vote for you at the election!

Flippy: FOR ME?!?

Snappers: No, Doctor Tricky.

Doctor Tricky: Thank you!

Slappers and Snappers: No problem!

(Slappers and Snappers walk away)

Flippy: We will see who wins... in the meantime, I will drink 10 jugs of coffee to get ready for the election.


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