Ebony Bot is the fifth cog on the Dark Cog corporate ladder, ranging from levels 5 to 9. It has a small muscular body (like most Dark Cogs) and an ebony wood carving of a The Mingler head for its own head.

Starting Phrases Edit

  • "Wood you kindly go sad?"
  • "You're barking up the wrong tree, Toon."
  • "I'm all natural!"
  • "Stop whittling off of my head!"
  • "I'm going to whittle your Laff away."
  • "I was born and raised in the woods."
  • "Well, isn't this a sappy introduction?"
  • "Chop chop! Time's a-wastin'!
  • "I want you to tree-t me with utmost respect, Toon."

Attacks Edit

(Signature) Branch Off: Ebony Bot sprouts protective branches off of its head that have a certain amount of health and are in a certain amount depending on its level. If there are still branches on its head, it cannot be used.

  • 3 branches with 7 health each at level 5
  • 3 branches with 10 health each at level 6
  • 4 branches with 10 health each at level 7
  • 4 branches with 15 health each at level 8
  • 5 branches with 20 health each at level 9

(Signature) Sprout: Ebony Bot plants a seed that turns into another Dark Cog of its level in a set amount of turns. The sprout occupies a Cog's space, so it can only be used if there are three or less Cogs in the battle.

  • 5 turns at level 5
  • 4 turns at level 6
  • 3 turns at level 7
  • 2 turns at level 8
  • 1 turn at level 9

(Type Signature) Shifting Shadows: Ebony Bot cloaks itself in shadows and transforms into another cog of its level.

Demotion: Ebony Bot sprinkles white powder onto the Toon, freezing it for a few seconds.

  • 8 damage at level 5
  • 12 damage at level 6
  • 15 damage at level 7
  • 18 damage at level 8
  • 25 damage at level 9

Trivia Edit

  • "Would you kindly?" is considered a hypnotic phrase in the Bioshock series.
    • In Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, trees in the various Lots may say "Wood you kindly?"
      • This is probably what inspired ScourgesCustomPlants to make Ebony Bot the way she is.

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