Dumbbots are an idea for a new type of cogs in Toontown. All of the Dumbbots are Level 1s.


They were not the Chairman's idea; one day some cogs decided to make a machine that creates all new types of cogs, but it malfunctioned and all that it made was Dumbbots. The Chairman was not pleased with their creation, but he decided to give them a chance.

These would be the opposite of Smartbots, and basically the least smartest of cogs. They'd accept every friend request, they would miss most of the time, they'd sometimes walk up to Toons and assist the in battle, and they would even be in Playgrounds. Their insignia is a sphere witht the word 'Dumb' on it.

Dumbbot Corporate LadderEdit

  • Simpleton (levels 1-1) Attacks: ???
  • Idiot (levels 1-1) Attacks: ???
  • Moron (levels 1-1) Attacks: ???
  • Imbecile (levels 1-1) Attacks: ???
  • Stupidhead (levels 1-1) Attacks: ???
  • Noob (levels 1-1) Attacks: ???
  • Blahblah (levels 1-1) Attacks: ???
  • Brain-Dead (levels 1-1) Attacks: ???

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