The Doctor Tricky Saga is a collection of storys based on the user Gold2232's main toon, Doctor Tricky Bumblefish. It was foreshadowed with the release of the Doctor Tricky's Shorts. It was first officially released with the story Toontown's Ending. However, it took about a month after the posting of Toontown's Ending to have the saga confirmed. It is unknown, but the next story will possibly be called Rewritten, focusing on Doctor Tricky's life in Toontown Rewritten after the events of Toontown's Ending.


Doctor Tricky's Shorts (foreshadowing)

Toontown's Ending (first official story of the saga, saga confirmed one month after)

Rewritten (possible second story of the saga)

Alternate StoriesEdit

The Alternate Stories are stories confirmed to be part of the saga. They are not always long and are not part of the timeline of the events.

Doctor Tricky's Shorts (somewhat part of the Alternate Stories)

Removed (first story of the Alternate Stories)

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