The Dinobots are a type of cog. They are all named after and look like dinosaurs, but they do wear suits-gangster suits.

Food Chain:

1. Allosaurus (Un-changeable) (1-5)

2. Reptilion (Just something I thought of) (2-6)

3. Pterrordactyl (Pterodactyl) (3-7)

4. Velociraptor (The name was un-changeable) (4-8) 

5. Kronopax (Kronosaurus) (5-9)

6. Megalodon (Un-changeable) (6-10)

7. Gigasaurus (Gigantosaurus) (7-11)

8. Stegodroid (Stegosaurus) (8-12)

9. Triceratron (Triceratops) (9-13)

10. Tyrannobotus Rex (T-Rex) (10-14)

BOSS: Argentinosaurus (11-15)

The DinoBots, unlike other cogs, can 'mutate' and thus have stronger forms, although this only applies to a select few.

Maximus Triceratron (level 10-12)

Tryrannobotus Regnum (level 11-13)

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