Dark Cogs are cogs that have a special ability: If they are hit by an extremely overkill attack (while non-Skelecog), they will act as a 2.0 cog. Their voices are deeper than that of a normal cog, in between the voice of a normal cog and a boss. The Dark Cog symbol is simply a dark, unmarked cog symbol plate. The Dark Cog suit is simply a black suit.

The cogs themselves, in their 1.0 forms, look like darker cogs. Dark Skelecogs, on the other hand, are black with yellow glowing eyes and a slightly creepy smile.

Dark Cog HQ Edit

You can only get access to Dark Cog HQ by completing a ToonTask for teleportation access and the Dark Goggles, which allow you to fight Dark Cogs on the streets.

Dark Cog HQ looks like a run-down Cog HQ, with the Dark Cog symbol and a few phrases spray-painted onto dilapidated buildings. To get suit parts, you must enter Abandoned Facilities A, B, C, D, and E 5 times each. Once you have gotten all 5 suit parts from one Abandoned Facility, it will not award any more parts.

Once you have all 25 suit parts and have gotten enough rusted gears (1,000 minimum), you may fight the Astral Cog.

The Dark Cogs Edit

Astral Cog Battle Edit

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