Crimebots are powerful mysterious cogs and committing all kinds of crime. Sometimes, they get so bad they do crimes to their fellow cogs. Crimebots were only built to harass the toons in Toontown. Robber Barons aren't surprisingly not Crimebots, because they have special work with the CFO. Their boss is The Gang Leader, and they do have some of the most powerful attacks and they're some of the most dangerous cogs. Crimebots are PG-14 Rated.


  • Tiny Theif (Level 1-6 )
  • The Robber Robin (Level 2-6)
  • Child Abductor (Level 3-7)
  • Mr. Molester (Level 4-8)
  • KKK (Level 5-9)
  • Burgler(Level 6-10)
  • The Serial Killer (Level 7-11)
  • The Crimester (Level 8-12)
  • The Gmoney (Boss)

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