Corruption in Toontown is a state whereas a player is overcome by any known "sin" that overtakes friendship, which is a big thing in the game. Corruption (fanmade) is a state where a Toon, Building, Doodle, or any material in the fantasy world is overcome with greed, hatred, envy, which are the elements of a Cog. Toons that are corrupted are CORRUPTED TOONS. They are (MC Reference) Griefers, and their character may or may not show evidence. Some of these "Griefers" can do the following things:

1) Ditch you on the trolley.

2) "Save" you in a battle, then ditch you at low health.

3) Go on a false reporting spree,

4) Say innapropiate words for the Kids in the age span in ToonTown. (3-12).

5) And other various, small reasons.

Buildings that are Corrupted are COG BUILDINGS. The shop owners don't get corrupted, because the cogs only want to throw them to the side, only to ask for information to safes and doors. These can be Bossbot, Sellbot, Cashbot, or Lawbot buildings. One special type run by Movers And Shakers (AKA Sellbots) are called FIELD OFFICES. Which can be viewed in the OFFICIAL PLAYER'S GUIDE (or maybe another page in the Wiki). Corrrupted Doodles (View Corrrupted Toons And Doodles Page). Made By Wondersplat in Toontown 88% laff, 22% pro.

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