About Corrupted ToonsEdit

Corrupted toons are the strongest type of epibot. They are corrupted becasue they were corrupted by either hatred or by another corrupted toon.. The attacks are ultra powerful. Very few toons have survived while battling one of these. Because of this, Skooby is providing new gags. like the Stomper Trigger and the Ultra-Crusher. He may even let you use a redstone powered equipment from a different dimension!

The Corrupted toons also have corrupted doodles, because the Corrupted Toons were once on strike. They were mad because they didnt have their pets anymore. So, the Leader Corrupted Toon corrupted the Corrupted Toon's doodles.

The Corrupted Toon is NOT a cog! It is just a "sad" toon. You must make this toon "happy" to beat him. (Note: When Donut is corrupted, he is a cyborg.)

The Corrupted Toon may cause fear to your toon making it possible for your toon to become "petrified" out of fear while battling. If this happens, you cannot attack a cog after defeating a Corrupted Toon for 1 round (kinda like a cog lure).

Beginning phrases:Edit

"I'm going to corrupt you!"

"We obey justice."

"All your base are belong to us!"

"I'm gonna make you sad!"

Corrupted Toon attacksEdit




"You're starting to look sad..."

"At the count of 3, you will get corrupted. One. Two. THREE!!!"


Level 30: 45

Level 31: 50

Level 32: 55

Level 33: 60

Level 34: 65

Level 35: 70

Level 36: 100

Cog SOSEdit

This heals the cog by +100 every round, Lasts for 3 rounds


(Tremor is the weakest attack for Corrupted Toons)


"I'm feeling shaken."

"Stop falling down!"

"Oh no, and your laff meter is going down with the ground."


Level 30: 18

Level 31: 20

Level 32: 24

Level 33: 33

Level 34: 40

Level 35: 45

Level 36: 46



"You look sad. How about I make you even more so?"

"You cannot dodge this!" (when a corrupted toon says this, Drain cannot be dodged.)


Drain has a 100% chance of leaving a toon 1 laff point.




"Just like a vampire!"

"I'm hungry!"


If a Corrupted Toon nips you, you will get corrupted.

Mind Control FlickEdit

(Donut uses this attack only)


"Will it smack you or FAIL?" (when Donut says this, Mind Control Flick cannot hit you.)

"DO AS THE COMMANDER COMMANDS!" (this means Mind Control Flick will hit you.)

"(toon he attacks): Priority one."


If Donut flicks you, you will get corrupted. But if you use Corrupted Toon Miss (Mister Mildew) you will be safe.

The Toon PlaugeEdit


"Sigh. Another toon switching sides."

(said by Donut only) "Join me, my child."


If a Corrupted Toon plauges you, you will get corrupted.


  • "Corrupted" means fallen or switched sides kind of thing. Like in eXius end of toontown, the toons got corrupted.


LCT's StoryEdit

The LCT used to be a very kind toon. His name was Leroy. He entered a robot building contest and made, "epibots". After he won the grand prize, he decided to make an HQ for the epibots. He constructed the courtyard and Epicish Lane. When he was done, the cogs made an epibot factory, another street, (now known as Corrupted Toon Terrace) and a place for their boss. They had no boss, so Leroy offered to be the boss of the epibots. During his first night of sleep at EBHQ, they took Leroy into the EBHQ factory and courrupted him. They gave him special powers, like corrupting stuff, making cogs and most of all, taking laff away from regular toons. A few days later, toons started to search for leroy. They figured hes at EBHQ. So they went there and got to come out! As corrupted toons... One of the reasons Leroy won the grand prize for the robot contest was because one of the judges were Flippy. Leroy was flippy's best friend. Another was that flippy was so fascinated by the Epic Face Leroy made.

On 12/10/2011, Leroy was uncorrupted by Fireball Purpleboom, Leroy's apprentice!

LCT's AttacksEdit

Gear ThrowEdit



Goon SummonEdit


Will make regular goons appear everywhere

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