Corrupted Stories 1



Inside this book are stories of some of the most famous corrupted toons. You will also hear from lesser corrupted toons, such as James.


1. ZitaEdit

I used to be a very happy toon, with my own doodle. Hard to believe, right? I still remember the moment my best friend, Fireball was corrupted right in front of me and when Leroy said,

"You are about to be foreverly sad."...

Thats why me and Fireball revolted. We still had SOME toon in us. But we HATE the cog crushers! We were leaders until they spread around trash bout us Epibots. The chairman demoted us and we became even more uncorruptable. One day, we were raided and I was uncorrupted. I couldn't believe it. I had this instant sensation to help my uncorrupters not knowing who they were.

I followed them into Fireballs lair he started killing the toons so I knew I had to help them. I stoppeed the gold dust and Fireball was close to dying- I had knocked him out. Three of the toons jumped into a portal. The rest went back to toontown. Realizing what I had done, I was mad. I was recorrupted, but due to anger. I revived Fireball and we were ready to fight back at the toons who had almost killed him.

2. FireballEdit

When I was corrupted... I still remember that day. Leroy corrupted me once he had found out his powers. He said he wanted to 'test something' I fell for his trick and was corrupted. When you are corrupted, you feel a quick blast of rage and sadness. I was corrupted, yet I still remembered Zita was my best friend. I tried to stop Leroy from corrupting him, yet it was too late. I was angry. I tried punching Leroy, but he smashed me up against a tree. I had been corrupted for 5 minutes now and felt like his servent. I obeyed his every order from then until me and Zita revolted against him. I remember that freedom feeling that I could do whatever I wanted.

I set up a portal system that would summon enemies from different worlds as I please. Skooby and one of his newest recruits came and tried to raid me, but I knocked em out with some gold. I hated the second time they raided me. They uncorrupted Zita and Zita actually HELPED them! I almost died that day.

Luckily, once Zita was recorrupted due to anger, he revived me and we were ready to fight back.

3. SkoobyEdit

Hard to believe, I know. I was corrupted before. Big suprise. Woohoo. I don't like talking about it... I was corrupted along with Imma. Drew doesn't know this and he never should... So heres my story.

I was strolling around, trying to find the perfect location for the CCS. Big toons in dark grey clothing attacked me.

"Nice joke. Now take off your disguises.", I told them.

"We are not in disguises. We are corrupted toons, fool.", one of the toons in cog suits said.

"Uh oh.", I said.

They took me off to their HQ, EBHQ short for Epibot Headquarters.

"BOSS! We found her brother!", the second toon in a cog suit said.

"Very nice.", said a toon with dark red eyes.

"LEROY?", I blurted out.

"Very nice to see you again, Skooby.", Leroy said.

The Epibots took me to where my sister was strapped to.

"Imma?", I asked.

"Skooby. Just don't fight. Well see eachother in the end... I hope.", Imma said trying to smile.

"Skooby and Imma. Most wanted for destroying a major part of the cog population in less than in hour.", a cog with a scroll said.

"And our punishment?", I asked.

"Corruption.", the cog said.

I was strapped next to Imma and Leroy did something to us... It felt cold. I remember feeling mad then sad then like a servent. Me and Imma were told to go in seperate directions. I didnt care because I was corrupted.

When I was uncorrupted... A female brown dog somehow found EBHQ and used a major toon up on me. I felt better and we escaped before anybody saw us. Now I'm here- leader of the Cog Crushers.

4.. ImmaEdit

Most people know of my capturing. Skooby told the Cog Crushers that I had been corrupted. He mentioned a little of his corrupting. I will now tell my story.

Ok, so I was with me and Skoobys mom, Daphne Dog. Just as I went off to a small creek to fish, I caught a few fish and started heading back home. Once I noticed Skooby was gone, I looked all over toontown. I went too far off the map when I went into one tunnel. The toons in cog suits caught me and strapped me the chair. After a few minutes, they found Skooby and we we were corrupted. I was uncorrupted when Skooby did a major toon-up on me, although I couldn't remember some details like how I was Skoobs twin.

Well, yeah. That's my story!

5. LeroyEdit

My story is quite simple.

I am the creator of epibots. Suprising, right? I used to have tons of friends and a doodle that looked out for me. When my laff was low, he jumped out of his hole and tried his best to speak. Sometimes he did it, sometimes he failed. Back on topic. You see, I made corrupted toons originally as warming to toons not to go near my HQ. Little did I know, they were smarter. They corrupted me in my sleep. Then I started taking my own victims starting with Fireball and Zita. I had gone mad with power. Then I corrupted Imma and Skooby. Then Imma corrupted James. Three captured Donut and his friends. So many corruptions. Poor Drew thats only 5 had his brother and sister corrupted... *Sigh*

"Why had I done this?" I now ask myself each night.

I was uncorrupted once Fireball and Zita revolted against me. They threw me out and now I'm in the Cog Crushers, my former enemy trying to stop those Corrupted Toons.

6. JamesEdit

I am the general of the Corrupted Toon army. Although I am not famous among the toons... Seems strange, right. You see, I was corrupted by Imma Dog. She saw the perfect time to test her powers. I have to admit, after I was corrupted, she looked cute. She was uncorrupted in one of my stealth raids, that Skooby did it. I want to kill that toon. I had my chance once but I was too tired to try. I had to charge my energy, for I had a new idea that I later told Fireball once Leroy was out of the way. I am hunting Skooby down- hoping to destroy him, laff point by laff point until he begs for mercy and becomes corrupted once again.

7. DonutEdit

It started as a normal day, as I was fighting cogs in the Sellbot Factory to get ready for my "promotion" for the Sellbot VP. Then somehow, 3 toons wearing Sellbot suits came out and attacked me, Mister Mildew, and Shadow.

"Nice joke, guys. You can take off your suits now." I said.

Then one of the toons said, "We are not cogs or toons. We are BOTH. We are corrupted toons."

I got scared. Then the three toons grabbed me and my friends. We were strapped at the EPHQ factory.

Then one cog said, "You are being corrupted."

I started to feel funny, then sad, then mad, then I felt I was a slave.

Then a cog said, "Capture Gyro Gearloose."

I had to obey. I was no longer "Donut the Cog Fighter." I was now "Donut the Corrupted Toon, the Cog Helper."

8. Gyro GearlooseEdit

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