These are dark grey doodles. They were corrupted by Leroy, as in popular demand the corrupted toons also get their doodles. These doodles are selfish, as they won't do their tricks. Though they will attack which makes these battles hard. Doodles can't speak so they don't have any starting phrases or attack phrases.



Very much like the "Jump!" command

It attacks the amount its owner has trained to heal.


This attack will spawn another enemy (most likely mob) in battle.

50% Another corrupted doodle

25% Another cog


1% Endermen


Like "Speak!" command.

The doodle sends out a very high pitched bark that hurts toon ears, this does have a -5 penalty for the corrupted toon however.

See Jump for attack hit.


  • Corrupted doodles were in demand because Leroy had only corrupted the toons, not the doodle. The corrupted toons weren't to sad without their doodle. So, Leroy gave them their doodle and they stopped demanding.

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