This is the first story in a series named Cog Slayers.

It is the newest recruit's, Kippy, diary.


Dear diary,

Today I had the best day of my life.

I was strolling along Donald's Dreamland's playground, when a low toon ran up to me. He had about 17 laff. He was a short, coral cat with no membership. "Can you help me?" he said. I had accepted, and suddenly he began to whisper to me. They were NPC whispers...

Coral Cat: Congratulations! You are now in the Cog Slayers! Kind people like you deserve a place in this agency.

Coral Cat: We are an agency that need high toons. We are currently searching for someone named Katterson. He is believed to have created cogs.

Coral Cat: Follow me. We'll soon be at the Cog Slayer's Headquarters.

I ran after the little feline. I had believed every word he'd said.

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