Cog Nation is the last neighbourhood that toons can go to. It is also the most dangerous. After completing their Bossbot and Lawbot suits, a toon can start tasks in Cog Nation.

It appears just like a Cog HQ - grey cog buildings, a dark stormy sky, oil cans, and cogs roaming around about their daily business. The cog facility in this neighbourhood is the Cog Assembly Plant, where cogs are manufactured and roll off the assembly line.


Dark, grey, cloudy. Cogs of all types, but mostly OMNIbots. Security lights and laser beams are constantly monitoring the Executive Suite Complex, where The Chairman of The Board resides. Coming into contact with the security lights will deduct 15 laff. Coming into contact with the lasers will deduct 20 laff.


Cog levels: 7 to 12

Laff limit: 250

Gag pouch: 125

Sellbot suit: Maxed

Cashbot suit: Maxed

Lawbot suit: Maxed

Bossbot suit: Maxed

OMNIbot suit: Completed, if not maxed

This neighbourhood is divided into five parts, each with different tasks:

Part 1:

Laff limit: 150

Gag pouch: 85

Part 2:

Laff limit: 175

Gag pouch: 90

Part 3:

Laff limit: 198

Gag pouch: 95

Part 3:

Laff limit: 210

Gag pouch: 105

Part 4:

Laff limit: 225

Gag pouch: 110

Part 5:

Laff limit: 250

Gag pouch: 125

Cog Assembly Plant

There are 5 different levels of Cog Assembly plant. They each have varying laff restrictions:

Alpha Plant: 150 laff

Beta Plant: 185 laff

Gamma Plant: 200 laff

Delta Plant: 225 laff

Epsilon Plant: 245 laff

In order to go and fight The Chairman, who is the boss of all the cogs, you need to get References by defeating ANY TYPE OF COG ABOVE LEVEL 6. You can do this in the courtyard of Cog Nation.

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