You start off as a gear. You somewhat are terrified of it. But you don't worry about it. You see four words on a wall with buttons. You see Sellbot, Lawbot, Bossbot and Cashbot. Which do you push? You decide Sellbot. You fall on a ledge and you see a door.? You go though the door. At the back of the room you see a big guy with treads and a purple suit. He says Hi, Cold Caller! You wonder why he calls you that. But, you stick with it. Heh, heh, you think and you listen to the guy and he tells you to go in the door to your left. You go in and see a well dressed cog that introduces himself and says his name is Mr. Hollywood and that he is the highest cog on the corporate ladder of the sellbots and he is your boss. He shows you your apartment that has a bunk bed a dresser and a desk with a laptop. Your walls are painted a Dark Greyish color. Your floor is black and your boss gives you a job to do. He says defeat a Toon and come back. He says go to Toontown Central and start lots of toons are there watch out for they're deadly gags do everything you can to take away they're laff! Ok you answer very nervously. You aren't sure about this and have the urge to punch him. But you don't. Even if you did you wouldnt feel any better. You go to your apartment. It is 8:00 and you are tired. You read a little bit and fall a asleep. The next morning you get up and see you have a email. You see it is from Mr. Hollywood and go see him. He says an invasion of Cold Callers went out just now. He tells you go out. You do. You see lots of colorful things. You walk up to a toon and say... You rang? The toon drops a piano and it misses you attck the toon with Water Cooler. The toon has no laff at all apparently your attacks do more than expected. At least your boss promoted you to a lvl 5.

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