You hit your golf ball towards the toon, and he is stunned for a second, just long enough for you to attack him with a quick Glower Power. He goes sad and the C.E.O. requests to see you. Meeting him in the banquet hall, he congratulates you on your victory. "You did quite well, so well that I have decided to promote you," he says. You ask him how that is possible, cogs can't go above Level 12. "Ah, but they can," says the C.E.O., "You see, cogs up to Level 12 fight in Toontown, but Level 13 and up go to Cog Nation. You start work there immediately as the Chairman's personal assistant. Your furniture has already been transferred to your new apartment." You thank him and board a Cashbot HQ train to Cog Nation, arriving there a day later.

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