You purchase some Potassium-41 from the cafeteria and bring it up to The Chairman. 'Did you get my lunch?" asks The Chairman. You hand him the container of Potassium-41. He studies it and gulps it down, gaining back some of his energy. "Thanks," says The Chairman. "My doctors say this stuff is bad for me, but I can't live without it. Besides, I'm getting old and I'm not sure how much longer I'll be around." A few days later, when you arrive in The Chairman's office, he is not in his chair, but lying on the floor, obviously not feeling well. "Thank you for coming," he moans. "I warned you I wasn't going to be around for much longer, and now here it is, the end. You were always my most trusted assistant, and so I will tell you exactly how to run Cogs, Inc." He tells you his management secrets, and then says, "I hereby promote you, Cog 1509 to the office of The Chairman." The lights in his eyes go off and his gears stop turning. You are now The Chairman. Soon you are ready to launch a massive invasion of cogs on Toontown. Will you command the invasion yourself or control it from Cog Nation?

Command it yourself

Control it from Cog Nation

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