You land in Toontown Central and start looking for a toon to make sad. Soon you spot one and engage him. The toon blasts you with a squirting flower. You can feel the seriousness of your job slipping, and all you want to do is laugh at the funny gag. Suddenly, you shake yourself back, reminding yourself you have a job to do. You use your Pound Key move and the toon goes sad. The C.E.O.'s voice sounds in your earpiece, "Good work, Flunky! Return to Bossbot HQ for your promotion!". You fly back to Bossbot HQ and meet the C.E.O. in his banquet hall. "Congratulations, Flunky," he says, "You have earned your first promotion! You are now a Flunky Level 2!" You ask him about the feeling you had when you were hit by that squirting flower. The C.E.O laughs a grandfatherly chuckle, "That was a Gag. Toons use them to try to make us laugh. The Chairman has decreed that no cog should laugh while on the job and so he fires any cog that does so. You are more serious now so you have a lesser chance of laughing. Keep up the good work and I'll promote you further and assign you to Donald's Dock." It's getting late and you begin to feel tired. Should you call it a day and go to your Cog Apartment or stay out on patrol?

Keep Patrolling Toontown Central

Go Home to Sleep

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