You choose Bossbot because the idea of being the boss of people appeals to you. The machine sparks to life. Mechanical arms appear out of the sides of the machine and begin to fit parts around your gear. Soon you are completed, and you step out of the machine as a Flunky Level 1. You enter some kind of banquet hall and a large cog with tank treads and good hair is waiting at the back. He introduces himself as the C.E.O., and tells you that he is your boss. "You are a Bossbot, like me," he explains, "We are the cogs that do little else but boss everybody else around. Do well in your job and you will be promoted and become more powerful. Watch out for toons though, they are the enemy! Your job is to defeat as many toons as you can with your cog attacks. Try one on me, I'm a cog so it won't hurt me. Throw that clip-on tie at me." You throw the tie and it hits the C.E.O. "Good!" he says, "You can use these attacks to make toons sad. Be careful because they will fight back with deadly Gags. Your patrol area is Toontown Central. After you make a toon sad, come back to me and I will give you a promotion. It will get harder as you become more powerful though. Now go!" You fly off to Toontown Central to make a toon sad.

Continue to Toontown Central-B

(B is referring to bossbot, in case I make multiple pages with the same name except for the letter)

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