By DiscordTheWolf

Day One

I woke up, excited. This would be the day I, hopefully, graduated from Cog School! I put on my suit and went to school.

When I got to Cog School, we were given a test. The Cog leaders asked us what Toons were. My friend put his hand up. He's Undetermined Cog #265738907, but we call him Twosix for short. "Toons are vicious, reckless animals who will stop at nothing to kill off all Cogs. " he said. " Well done!" said the Cog Bosses. After a few more questions, the test was over. Me and my friends had graduated! I felt tired, and so I went home feeling happy.

Day Two

I woke up, and looked at my clock. It was already 8:30 AM! I had to go quickly. I took my suitcase, with gears, oil, and a few books inside, switched on my propeller, and flew away to Cog Nation with the other cogs. When I got there, I was really tired. We went to our giant block of flats, and we had gears and diesel oil. I was full now, and very sleepy, so I went to bed. I remembered to switch on my Toon Detection Alarm that I got on my graduating list.

Day Three

I woke up quickly to the sound of alarms. Somebody was shouting " EVACUATE!" My Toon Detection Alarm was going off. Red lights were flashing, and a custard pie flew through my window. I opened the door and ran out. Multiple Spin Doctors were helping the injured. A Legal Eagle was very hot, emitting sparks, and smoking. He had a cupcake in his face. All the cogs who worked at the block of flats gave us sleeping bags. We had to move away, because the toons could still be in the building. It'll be a rough night.

Day Four

Word went out that the toons that had broken in were caught and put in the Toon Zoo. We went to see them. They were put in cages with a food bowl and a water bowl. We pulled faces at them. I went to the gift shop and got some oil-flavoured icecream. I shared some with my friends.

The rest is coming soon.

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