The stronghold of all Cog Crushers, it leads to secret areas.


Built 50 years before the cog crushers was even formed, this area is secretly protected far away in the dark realms of toontown. This is the place every cog crusher goes for meetings and stuff. There are 3 owners here- Skooby, Drew and Imma. They all have their own phrases.


(Sorry! It's in microsoft paint.)



"I wish the skies were blue around here..."

"Hello, {toon name}!"

"Say hello to Drew and Imma for me, kay?"

"How does Shocker look?"


"Wonder when the next invasion is."

"Hey there, {toon name}."

"Tell Skooby and Imma I said hi."

"Will Skooby ever leave shocker?"


"Tell Skooby and Drew I said hi."

"I wonder if the sky will ever change."

"How are you doing, {toon name}?"

"I wonder if Skooby will ever be dissarmed."


+10 laff pointsEdit

Defeat 500 Epibots

Duel 200 Corrupted Toons

+15 laff pointsEdit

Defeat the LCT

Duel Uberman

Launch a full attack on the chairman


Cog Nation Secret

The Epibot Secret

Gag TracksEdit

Better than trap!


Obtain 150 laff

Talk to Flippy

Locate The Dark Realms

Go to Cog Crushers Stronghold

Talk to Skooby, Imma or Drew

Explore Immense Avenue

Talk to Skooby

Go to Cog Nation

Locate The Gear Yards

Talk to Skooby

Recover Shocker from Dark Lake

Return to Skooby

Get 200 laff

Talk to Imma

Defeat the LCT 5 times

Talk to Drew

Defeat 20 nationbots

Talk to Skooby

Defeat 500 nationbots or destroy 100 nationbot buildings (any story amount)

Talk to Skooby

Get to the top of Skooby's Tower

Destroy the Destroyer

Fight Mud

Destroy the portal to real life

Defeat Freckleslam

Talk to Skooby

Enemies Of CCSEdit


Cogs only found in Cog Nation, they go by levels the same way epibots do.


IT worker

System Hacker

Super Yesman

wanna-be a boss

Pink slipper

Self Employee

Next in line

Boss: The President







A giant Mr. Hollywood skelecog.

Health: 1000


Same as Mr. Hollywood level 12 but multiplied by 200


Basicily an oversized name dropper.

Health: 6000


Same as name dropper level 7 but multiplied by 5000.


The hacker mouse

Health: 10000

This toon may use any attack. Be weary about what attack it uses!


Ocaisonally, the area is raided by cogs you can throw pies at! (like in the VP) Throw pies at the cogs until they explode. Don't let them reach Skooby's Tower!

Normal InvasionEdit

Just a normal every hourly invasion.

Summer InvasionsEdit

Occurs every 2 hours and will depnd on what day it is.

(Even day = Sellbots & Cashbots

Odd day = Everything else)

Halloween InvasionEdit

Occurs two times every hour and contains massive amounts of bloodsuckers.

(Oct. 21 1:00 A.M. - Nov. 1 12:00 A.M.)

Turkey InvasionEdit

Don't let the cogs reach the delicous turkey! Lasts all day thanksgiving

Christmas InvasionEdit

Same as normal invasion except Santa Cogs is seen at the end of every christmas invasion and you must destroy him.

(Dec. 23 1:00 P.M. - Dec.27 12:00 A.M.


1. The Dark Realms

2. Portal room

3. Gear Ally

4. Epibot Excursion

5. Immense Avenue

6. Bossbot Boulavard

7. Lawbot Lane

8. Cashbot Courtyard

9. Sellbot Square


1. Imminse Avenue speaks for itself! It's the biggest street yet!

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