Flunky: I'm late for a meeting.

Bananasocks: No, you're not.

Flunky: Yeah, I am..

Bananasocks: Can I come with you?

Flunky: Okay.

Bananasocks: Yay!

[Bananasocks jumps onto the Flunky's leg as he lifts off.)

At the meeting

Downsizer (Level 9 v2.0): Flunky Boltszencrush 45-009, WHY DID YOU BRING A TOON TO A SECRET MEETING?

Flunky: Because i won wahahaha   the one of it, so bot

Downsizer: What did he just say, Henry?

Henry (a Level 7 Head Hunter): I don't know, but he should be arrested. Rule Number 123.004, "Never bring a toon to cog grounds, unless it is a clearly a capture."

[Downsizer picks up the phone and calls some Policemen to arrest the Flunky]

Bananasocks: Here, throw this birthday cake at one of them!

Henry the Head Hunter: Bob, look out!

Bob the Downsizer: What? OMG!

[Flunky Boltszencrush and Bananasocks destory the two cogs]


The End. 

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