This is 2nd episode of the Cog Argue Show.

The story takes place in a Cog Nation Bus Station Stop (Bus Stop#81)

Mr. Ringagearz (A Downsizer Level 6): I wonder why the bus is taking so long, it should of been here forty minutes ago.

Prof. Fluffygears (A level 6 Pencil Pusher v3.0): Maybe there was crash?

Mr. Ringagearz: Maybe, not quite sure. Anyway, what's your name?

Prof. Fluffygears: My name is Professor Fluffygears.

(Mr. Ringagearz spits out cog oil)

Prof. Fluffygears: What was that for? (whipping the stainy oil off his suit)

Mr. Ringagearz: Youryour your nname! It has fluffy! Haha!

(Prof. Fluffygears punches Ringagearz)

Mr. Ringagearz: You're skinny minture hands don't hurt me. Bring it on! You're going down!

(Prof. Fluffygears throws a pen at Ringagearz's foot)

Mr. Ringagearz: OW! Ooh ahhhoooh ooh ahhhma...MAMA!

Prof. Fluffygears: Shut up, crybot. Or should I say downcryer.

Rocco (a 105 laff red dog): Hi! Have a nice wedding! :D

(wedding cake sound occurs)

Mr. Ringagearz: Oh my--

(Prof and Ringagearz get hit by the wedding cake, they explode.)

Rocco: Now that's how you break up a cog fight!

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