This is a sequel to Cog Adventures. It will have a much broader storyline. It is also written by FlappyWildbumper

The room is quiet... except for the sound of an old lady rocking back and forth on a chair. A little boy comes running inside.

"Hey grandma! Can you tell me that story?"

"What story?"

"That story that you were going to tell me..."

"About what?"

"About some cold caller robot thing that became the Vice President."


"Grandma... you're hopeless."

"Oh right! That story."

The little boy grinned.

"It all began when a large machine created a small cold caller robot. He had a boss called 'Mover & Shaker.' The boss simply told him to sell things, but he did much more. He helped cogs everywhere! One time, he handled the happy toons so well that all his cog teammates were happy. Unfortunately, he became depressed because his boss died. As a reward for his courage, he was chosen to become the new Vice President!."

"Grandma! Why did you tell me that story? You know that I like the toons better. The cogs are so boring."

"Well... we know that it's not true atleast."

"I guess you're right."

Suddenly, the ground started to shake vigorously. The old lady and her grandson fell over.

"Oh no! An earthquake!" screamed the boy.

A fissure cut through the house, and they both fell inside.

A few days later, the boy wakes up in a factory and thinks to himself: Hello? Where am I? Why do I feel like a giant hunk of metal? Hmm... maybe I'll explore around. Where do I go? Why does this seem familiar?

To be continued

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