Coach Zucchini's Unlucky Day is a fanfiction created by User:ToontasticToon212.


Coach Z was one of the most famous toons in Toontown. Many toons dropped by his building whose building's name is The Squash & Stretch Gym. Coach Zucchini always provided toons with useful tips and skills to help toons perform better gameplay. He still does today, but one particular day something happened that would change his life forever.

Chapter 1: ToonnappedEdit

Coach Z was sitting in his office on his particular day waiting for his helper, Fat Tubby to return a special item to him. A toon in a Lawbot Suit came in his door quietly opened and stared at Coach Z. Coach looked at the stranger and shook his head sarcastically.

"A Glitcher. Amazing - so scared. I already know that's the Cog Suit Glitch, buddy bud." Coach said to the mysterious stranger.
BIGWig DS23 (2)

The appearance of the stranger.

Then he saw a green light glowing on the red dog; Coach gasped. The stranger grabbed Coach from behind his desk; tied him up in a rope and took him outside his shop.

"HELP! HELP ME!" yelled Coach in desperation trying to wiggle his way out of the rope. "Somebody please help me!".

The stranger activated his propellers and started to fly like a cog. Unfortanatley, nobody was near. There was only one chubby rabbit toon sleeping by a fire hydrant.

The stranger flew straight up to the clouds where nobody could see him. He flew straight towards a blimp like flying object. The blimp was dark green. Coach presumed it was the stranger's blimp and it was. The stranger put Coach in a medium sized cage to keep in place while he directed the blimp.

Coach stayed completey calm, he was taught to be calm in certain diffcult situations in Toon Academy Schooling.

Coach didn't know what the exact location the mysterious fellow was taking him but he knew it would be someplace bad. Coach sighed. Coach looked at the robotical toon. The toon made no eye contact to Coach. He only had a big smile on his face. Coach thought his smiley face was simlair to that of a Mr. Hollywood Cog or a Yesman.

Chapter 2: Welcome to HackertownEdit

The blimp landed. The robotic toon carried Coach Z in a cage and Coach looked around it was a sort-of Woodland Area and he noticed a sign it read; Welcome to Hackertown!. Coach gasped.

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