Clara Cluck's Countryville (abbreviated as CCC) is a neighborhood that lies on the southern north of Toontown and Ragged Road in Beagle Boy Boulevard leads to this playground. Clara Cluck's Countryville has sunny skies, green grass, a cabin HQ, and country-theme songs. You can enter this playground at any time. 


Clara's Love TaskEdit

  • Talk to Clara Cluck
  • Recover a Apple Pie from Telemarketers
  • Deliver the Pie to Clara's love: Chicken Boy in the Brrrgh.
  • Talk to Chicken Boy
  • Return to Clara Cluck (she gives you some flowers for Chicken Boy)
  • Talk to Chicken Boy
  • Return to Clara Cluck
  • Reward: 800 Jellybeans and a Clara Cluck Friendship T-Shirt

Unique FishEdit

  • Country Yardfish 
  • Countryside Doggy
  • Country Starfish
  • Weedbubble Fish


  • Playground owner: Clara Cluck
  • Minimum cog level: 1
  • Maximum cog level: 3
  • Maximum cog building stories: None (they usually don't fall here like in Toontown Central, if any 1-2 floors)
  • Number of streets: 2
  • Treasure: Corn-on-a-Cob
  • Theme: Country

Disney CharactersEdit

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