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Chair Jockey is the second cog on the Intelligencebot ladder. It only appears on Pinecone Place and in Intelligencebot HQ along with the other Intelligencebots. It has 3 total attacks. It is short and slim, going from level 2-6, with pink coloured hands, and like all other Intelligencebots, has a very dark suit with a red tie. It's head is a pink oblong shape with a bulbous, pill like nose and dark brown hair.

Starting phrasesEdit

  • "Desk work can be such a bore."
  • "I'm tired of this menial work."
  • "I'm becoming tired, entertain me!"
  • "Fetch me my Coffee!"
  • "Ahh good, I could use a break."
  • "I'll be promoted one day! You'll see!"
  • "You don't know the meaning of the word - dedicated!"


Clip On TieEdit

  • "Better dress for our meeting."
  • "You can't go OUT without your tie."
  • "The best dressed Cogs wear them."
  • "Try this on for size."
  • "You should dress for success."
  • "No tie, no service."
  • "Do you need help putting this on?"
  • "Nothing says powerful like a good tie."
  • "Let's see if this fits."
  • "This is going to choke you up."
  • "You'll want to dress up before you go OUT."
  • "I think I'll tie you up."

The Cog says a phrase as it pulls out a tie, it then throws the tie at the toon, resulting in the toon either being hit and leaning back or the toon dodging to the side, causing the tie to land on the floor and shrink.

Level Damage
2 1
3 2
4 2
5 4
6 4


  • "I hope you brought some marshmallows."
  • "It's going to get rather warm around here."
  • "This should take the chill out of the air."
  • "I hope you're cold blooded."
  • "Hot, hot and hotter."
  • "You better stop, drop, and roll!"
  • "You're outta here."
  • "How does "well-done" sound?"
  • "Can you say ouch?"
  • "Hope you wore sunscreen."
  • "Do you feel a little toasty?"
  • "You're going down in flames."
  • "You'll go out in a blaze."
  • "You're a flash in the pan."
  • "I think I have a bit of a flare about me."
  • "I just sparkle, don't I?"
  • "Oh look, a crispy critter."
  • "You shouldn't run around half baked.""

The cog wiggles it's fingers at the targeted toon. A flame then starts under the toon, causing it to turn completely black. The toon then struggles to get up, falls back down, then tries again and succeeds. If the attack misses, the toon will step to the side and step back when the flame has disappeared.

Level Damage
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 7

Double TalkEdit

  • "Take a memo on this!"

The Cog pounds its fist on its other hand, as he does it, he says a phrase. Four words will come out of the Cog, which split and two words are on each side. After splitting up they hit the toon and cause it to lean back, or if the attack misses they disappear over the toon as it ducks.

Level Damage
2 5
3 6
4 7
5 8
6 11


  • A Chair Jockey is someone who spends their work-time sitting, doing menial and unimportant tasks most of the time.
  • Chair Jockey was originally called 'Deskman'.
  • The Chair Jockey can be found on Pinecone Place or the Intelligencebot HQ outer Courtyard.

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