Mata Hairy in the Cashbot Crusher Suit.

The Cashbot Crusher Suit is the Cashbot variation of the Sellbot Cog Crusher suit. The suit consists of a pair of shorts and a t-shirt which are similar to the Cog crusher suit. It features a Robber Baron badge and several Cashbot logos along with a greenish colour, which make it different to the original suit. It was only seen worn by Mata Hairy, the toon in charge of Cashbot affairs, until August 9th, when the suit was awarded to toons who participated in Storm Cashbot HQ.

Storm Cashbot HQEdit

After the Cashbot trains were captured by the toon resistance on august 16th in Operation: DELAYS, the CFO and by extension, the HQ itself, had greatly reduced resources and other bot types had no money arriving. This prompted a response by a higher cog boss, of whom was later revealed to be the Director of Intelligence, to order intelligencebot invasions and specialised cog forces to defend the HQ until new trains could be produced.

This event featured multiple V2.0 mini invasions and the appearance of V2.0s in the Mints, in addition, the first V3.0 cogs appeared as the mint supervisors and COGCOM task forces appeared in the CFO battle and rarely in mini invasions.On the toon side of things, high toons were encouraged to whittle down the cashbot defences by entering the mints and battling the CFO. Rewards such as the Cashbot Crusher suit and Break-the-Bank T-shirt as well as the Cashbot Vision glasses were awarded to toons who participated.

A week later, new trains had replaced the old ones and cog business was flowing again. However the DI's orders had not gone unnoticed by the Resistance, whom subsequently began a hunt for a new boss, believing the said boss to be the chairman.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The 3 textures for the suit, the sleeves, shirt and shorts, were created from the Cog Crusher suit by Shadow Talon in GIMP. While the Sleeves and shorts were simple recolours, the shirt was more challenging, as the Mr. Hollywood had to be changed to a Robber Baron, while the Sellbot logos had to be changed to Cashbot ones and the edges of the belt/harness had to be recoloured pixel by pixel. As the first major piece of texture artistry by Shadow Talon (whom had only done minecraft textures beforehand), the textures are amateurish and the pixel by pixel work is shoddy.

After the textures were finished, the Cog Crusher suit textures in Toontown Offline were replaced with the new textures and a new toon created to look like Mata Hairy, the pictures were then taken in Cashbot HQ.


More pictures coming soon.

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