The Capsule Machine is a recent addition to Toontown. Every 24 hours, you can try the machine for 50 Jellybeans, and get a new perk. It is located in every gag shop.


  • Spicy Jellybean - x2 Movement Speed for 2 Hours. Also a funny, and cosmetic effect, if you are idle, you will dance as if you ate something spicy.
  • Golden Jellybean - x2 Jellybeans/Tickets from activities for 6 Hours. It also makes furniture 1.25x as expensive and gags cost 2 jellybeans, however. If you want the most out of your jellybeans or tickets, wait until the perk expires before buying anything.
  • Jellybean Balloon - x2 Jump Height for 1 Hour. You will be slowed, however.
  • Large Jellybean - x2 Gag Damage for 3 Hours, though the accuracy is halved.
  • Double Gags - Hold Twice of each gag, any level 7 gag, for 12 Hours, though you still have to follow your bag limit. So for example, even though you can fit two Wedding Cakes, you can still only fit 60 gags.
  • Calculator - x2 Gag Accuracy for 3 Hours. A downside is that this also affects the cogs as well.
  • Pocket Silly Meter - Halves the accuracy of the Cogs' attacks for 4 hours. Also makes one track superior to the others when near the respective prop.
  • Time Line - All the gag experience is spread out between the gag tracks, and also doubles the maximum experience for one track to 600 for 8 hours. However, you must use all the gags that you are carrying at least once, excluding the Level 7 gags.
  • Jump Cut - Skips to the next gag in all the tracks immediately. Does not affect any maxed tracks. If a gag was level 6, it will alert the players in the district you got the Jump Cut by a bubble that says "[Toon Name] received the Jump Cut perk that maxed their [Gag Track] track." and anyone in the gag shop by the fanfare.

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