The Bull-y is the second cog on the corporate ladder of Automobots. Their levels range from 2 to 7.

Starting Battle PhrasesEdit

"I'm getting mad... really, really, MAD!"

"Toons? RrraRGHRGH!"

"I'm gonna make you wish had never been DRAWN!"

"I'm gonna DESTROY you!"

Cog MovesEdit


  • Level 2: Takes away 7 initial laff points, 2 for each round
  • Level 3: Takes away 8 intial laff points, 3 for each round
  • Level 4: Takes away 10 initial laff points, 4 for each round
  • Level 5: Takes away 12 initial laff points, 6 for each round
  • Level 6: Takes away 15 initial laff points, 7 for each round
  • Level 7: Takes away 20 inital laff points, 8 for each round


  • Level 2: Takes away 

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