BreexBots are a new type of cog, whose job is to take over toontown, and the COGS. because they were made as rejections, and their is 3 types: normal, 2.0 and Skellocogs

they are also based of other cogs, AND have 3 levels instead of 5.

List of BreexBots Edit

LV. 1-3: Bumbo

LV. 2-4: Mighty wad

LV. 3-5: Bowler Hatter

LV. 4-6: Caption Powerhouse

LV. 5-7: Ambulance Agent

LV. 6-8: Gold Caller

LV. 7-9: Thumbsucker

LV. 8-10: The Rotten Cheese

LV. 9-11: Mega Manager

LV. 10-12: Dr. Win

BOSS: The Big Bad Boss or B.B.B.

List of Signature Moves Edit

Godly Eye Edit

Used by The Rotten Cheese. Basically like Evil Eye, just that the eye is blue, and eyelid is yellow.

Does a minimum of 12 Damage, and a maximum of 23 Damage. This targets 1 Toon.

Caution Tape Edit

used by Ambulance Agent. Basically like Red tape, just that the tape is yellow, striped with black.

Does a minimum of 7 Damage, and a maximum of 14 Damage. This targets 1 Toon.

Lunch Break Edit

Used by Mega Manager. Basically like Bite, just with a Sandwich instead of a Pair of Teeth.

Does a minimum of 19 Damage, and a BIG maximum Damage of 29! Yikes!!! anyways, it targets 1 toon.

Batty Order Edit

used by Thumbsucker. basically like pecking order, just with bats instead of Birds.

does a minimum damage of 10 Damage and a maximum of 25 Damage. This ACTUALY targets all toons!

more to come...

BreexBot, INC. Edit

Can Be found Here

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