BratBots are humans who are training to become cogs (thus why they all have human names and no cog levels). They act as SOS Cards for cogs and can be seen roaming the streets of almost any neighbourhood. They cannot do any damage except from if a toon bumps into them - this will deduct a random amount of laff points, ranging from 1 to 45.


As they are humans and have not transitioned to cogs yet, they do not wear suits and wear human clothes. As stated above, they can be found in almost any neighbourhood excluding ToonTown Central and Chip 'n' Dale's Acorn Acres. To get the stated personality, they have all been injected with a special undisclosed ingredient that makes them bratty and start having a tantrum over the tiniest of things.


There are currently 10 cogs, 5 girls and 5 boys (in order).


1) Crystal

2) Tiffany

3) Pamella

4) Allison

5) Sophia


1) Chad

2) Brandon

3) Josh

4) Richie

5) Jason

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