these are the first versions of USABots. they are the Strongest and yet the Slowest.

the blue USABots have 7 levels, too.

List Of Blue USABots With signature Move(s) Edit

New Jersey LV. 1-7 (Fireworks explosion!)

New York LV. 2-8 (New Years Ball Drop!/Catching a Train!)

Ohio LV. 3-9 (5.0 mattitude Earthquake!)

Washington LV. 4-10 (Pledge of Cogs!)

Florida LV. 5-11 (Orange Throw!/Sunny Day!)

Alaska LV. 6-12 (Icey Breath!)

California LV. 7-13 (Lights, Camera, Action!)

Hawaii LV. 8-14 (Hoola Snatch!)

BOSS: The BUSP (The Blue United States President!)


Can Be Found Here

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