Based on a true story.

Once upon a time there was a tall skinny dark green duck named Duke and his medium sized fat duck by the name of Luke who was a very dull shade of purple set of to Sellbot HQ to look for groups. They came across a short blue dog named Elfxslc who was going to solo the factory. They went in the elevator, but he went out. He went in again, but they also went in. Duke, Luke and Elfxslc kept going in and out of the elevator until Elfxslc finally shouted "Please go away!". This did not please Duke or Luke, as Duke said No and Luke turned sad. A couple minutes of silence went by and Elfxslc went in the elevator, but both Luke and Duke just stood there with a sad face. The elevator closed, and a few more seconds of silence passed by until Duke grew giant and started attacking Sellbot HQ! He grabbed a crowd of toons and threw them into Mr. Hollywood's sex chamber, then continued to breathe fire on the Vice President's home and rushed torwards the factory. He broke the windows in the Warehouse and found Elfxslc in there. Elfxslc screamed at the top of his lungs and ran torwards the walkways, but Duke grabbed him, threw him across Sellbot HQ into the giant pit, and then pounced on him and started doing (Whatever the Hunter does to survivors in Left 4 Dead). Elfxslc was no more, as he went sad, although he never got happy again. Duke was not pleased, as he waved around his arms and stomped the ground like a 4 year old not getting his/her way. Duke threw a giant TNT that was 50x his size and it blew up Toontown, leaving a HUGE crater.

From the amazing land of Tncrumpets

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