Big Cheese's Diary is an Diary story about a random Big Cheese, created by ToontasticToon212.

- February 10

Dear Diary,

This early morning, Some other Big Cheeses and I went out to play some golf in the Bossbot Golf Course. Everythings seemed normal in the course. Suddenly I got a call on my cogophone that CEO wanted me to get my first promotion. I was quite excited about it. I was promoted into a Big Cheese Level 9.

- February 11

This afternoon the boss called all the Big Cheeses for a meeting new attacks! Our boss gave them to us, they were higher than ever. They were the, Soward Cheese attack, which could take away 44 laff points, and the Eletro Shock, which could take away 58 laff points and is a "Targets all toons attack". We were very excited about our new attacks that today.

- December 1 2013

It has been more than 2 years since I wrote in this diary (probably because my boss took it from me and almost fired me because all 'other' cogs don't write in diaries -_-.) Well now, things have changed ALOT I am level 12 and now going to retire my work. But I will be in CogNation where I'll be living in this hotel where all other retiring old Cogs go like me. I'll be in Room #11.

- This is the end of the The Big Cheeses's Diary.

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