Beastman is are special ranked cogs from the Bossbot Corporate Ladder. They also can be V2.0 Bossbots. Beastman are one of the terms for a very strict-boss on certain terms of cog talk. They are only found mostly in The United Cog Nation, but some can be found in some cog zones in the forest leading to the outways (based on Gears).

Starting PhrasesEdit

  • "I'm going to fire you, in a minute."
  • "Manely, I have all the authority of you."
  • "The signing form warned you."
  • "We have a majorily strictly policy."
  • "Firstly, you won't be able to defeat me."
  • "You're in a heap of trouble."
  • "Toons are my mane enemy."
  • "Careful, I am a VERY strict boss.


Lion RoarEdit

Animation: Words reading "ROAR! ROAR! ROAAAAAAAR! ROAR!" come from a lion mouth-stick (like a Razzle Dazzle Attack) and toon cringes and falls down from the noise.


  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30
  • 35
  • 40


  • "Shut up, and let's get ON WITH IT."
  • "This is my MANE and LAST warning."
  • "Have sensitive ear drums? GOOD!
  • "Sorry, but you're REALLY not good with paperwork." (Roars and laughs animation loudly)
  • "This is the last warning. Leave or else."
  • "Sorry, if I have to RAISE MY VOICE."
  • "They call me a Beastman for something."
  • "I'll raid your ears."
  • "This is the mane roar
  • "This is outrageous."
  • "This'll break your ears."
  • "Why don't you shut up with your toonie stratagies?! You won't defeat me."'?

Evil EyeEdit


  • 9
  • 10
  • 15
  • 17
  • 24


  • "Next, it's the ROAR, if elsewhere."
  • "Eye as evil as can be."
  • "Rephrase that? WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME

Glower PowerEdit


  • 10
  • 11
  • 15
  • 17
  • 20


  • "Are you looking at me?"
  • "Peeka-boo, I see you."
  • "Jeepers, Creepers, don't you love my peepers?"
  • "I have sharp eyes."
  • "Shall we take peek at your future?"
  • "I've got my eye on you."
  • "I like to stay on the cutting edge."
  • "I've been told I have very piercing eyes."

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