Baneful Bot is the eighth and final cog on the Dark Cog corporate ladder, ranging from levels 8-12. It has a large muscular body with red skin and a face resembling that of a Mr. Hollywood, except snarling.

Starting Phrases Edit

  • "I don't know you, but I hate you!"
  • "You attacked me when I was a Dim Wit!
  • "It's payback time!"
  • "I'm gonna kill you!"
  • "I'm on a rampage!"
  • "Don't you DARE!"
  • "I'll kill you for what you did to my brother!"
  • "You're pathetic!"

Attacks Edit

(Signature) Revenge: Baneful Bot does half the damage of an attack used on it in the previous turn to the attacker.

(Type Signature) Shifting Shadows: Baneful Bot cloaks itself in shadows and transforms into another cog of its level.

Guilt Trip: Red sparks fly from Baneful Bot's hands and race for the toons, tripping them.

  • 15 damage at level 8
  • 22 damage at level 9
  • 30 damage at level 10
  • 36 damage at level 11
  • 41 damage at level 12

Evil Eye: Baneful Bot takes a look at a toon, a red eye grows out of its head, and it flies towards the toon.

  • 15 damage at level 8
  • 18 damage at level 9
  • 21 damage at level 10
  • 24 damage at level 11
  • 30 damage at level 12

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