This is the HQ of Blue USABots

Places Edit

  1. Court Yard
  2. Factory
  3. Spaceship
  4. Master Spaceship

Courtyard Edit

this has level 3-7 Cogs. is the main part of the HQ.

Cogs Edit

  • New Jersey (LV. 3-7)
  • New York (LV. 4-7)
  • Ohio (LV. 5-7)

Factory Edit

mostly has Skellocogs. at the end, there is a enemy rush of 10 USABots.

Cogs Edit

  • USA Skellocog (LV. 5-12
  • New Jersey (LV. 4-8)
  • Washington (LV. 4-8)

Spaceship Edit

this is the main HQ area.

Rooms Edit

  1. Puzzle Room 1
  2. Puzzle Room 2
  3. Puzzle Room 3
  4. Cannon Area

Puzzle Room 1, 2, and 3 Edit

these "Puzzle rooms" have a Puzzle with certain Categories.

Puzzle Room 1: a memory puzzle. its probably is the hardest. kind of like toon memory game.

Puzzle Room 2: another memory Puzzle. you need to stomp on buttons, like Simon Says.

Puzzle Room 3: its basically Minnie says, just with a Cog.

Cannon Area: this is where you get to...

The Master Spaceship! Edit

this is where you fight the BUSP.

(Before Fight)

BUSP: well, you new recruits are very good, Indeed.

a California: Actually, good sir, they're TOONS!

BUSP: WHAT!? well, in that case, USABOTS!!! ATTACK!!!

(enemy rush)

you must face 35 USABots, including some Skellocogs. after THAT...

BUSP: GAH!!! I'll Do it MYSELF!


this battle is based off the CFO Battle. you must use Trap and Lure Gags to beat him.

Z = set Trap Gag.

X = use Lure Gag.

After That...


(BUSP Explodes.)


100 White Flags (lets you go to the Playground in Battle.)

the end.

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