Asteroid is the first cog on the Celestial Ladder. Their levels range from 1 to 5.

Starting Phrases Edit

"Don't make me bump into you."

"It's quite dusty in here."

"I'm floating around your planets!"

"When I break apart, you'll already be sad!"

"I hate to push."

"I really want to bump into your planet."


"Blah blah blah."

"You can't push me, but I can push you!"

"Mind if I push in?"

"I love pushing toons."

Attacks Edit

Glower Power - The cog will lean forward, staring at the toon, and knives exit out of its eyes and they hit the toon.

Glare Stare - The cog will elbow the toon and then lean over the toon. The toon will cover its face.

Bump (Signature) - The cog will move its hip towards the toon, causing the toon to fall over.

Space Ribbon - The cog will release a perwinkle ribbon, and spin it around whilst levitating. Then, the cog will lash the ribbon at the toon and float back down. The toon will stumble around, trapped in the ribbon, before the ribbon eventually fades away.

Trivia Edit

  • Asteroid's weakness is lure because if they get lured and the gag hits, they get thrown back.
  • They are similar to Gazer cogs (StarBot) in appearance.
  • They dislike it when toons lure and they take throwback damage. If it is not destroyed, it will u

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