I have decided to create a time line of my fanfictions. I am actually planning on making a set of fanfictions that happen when King is killed while he is fighting the Chairman and the Crystamaster. Well, without further ado.... The After Toontown Timeline!

Creation of ToontownEdit

On the date of June 26th 1998, Toontown Online is first revealed as an emergency brodcast sent to Disney in the events of Doctor Surlee's Journal. Doctor Surlee's Journal spans the timeline when King defeats the Chairman and the Crystamaster. Three months later a large outbreak happened in a village three miles away. A gigantic monster was attacking it. In a last attempt to save the village a group of sages split the monster into peices and seal it within a group of toons. The toons were sent to the new construction site of Toontown Online.

September 18th 2013Edit

Slash is introduced and recieves the letter leading him to the games. King spends the last day that toontown will be open to the public with his freinds.

After ToontownEdit

The final day of Toontown rolls around and multiple toons try to escape. Slash travels back in time and meets Captain Chipper Megabumble, May Flower, and Tigerfang on a hunt for another one with the monster.  King Fritz is taken down in a wave of cogs and King flees to Goofy's Speedway with Cheetah and Jazzy. The three toons are led into a camp and King is captured. He is taken to Cogtown. Jazzy goes to Cogtown and is captured. King escapes. Cheetah is captured. King goes to his estate and hides out after looking for Cheetah. King takes out the CJ then goes and defeats the VP. King takes out the Elder Cogs. King frees Cheetah, King Fritz, and Jazzy. King battles the Chairman and the Crystamaster. Warning: This is a changing point of the timeline. King either dies or lives.

King Defeats The Chairman and is Sealed Within the LabEdit

King is sealed withing the lab. The events of After Toontown II occur.

King is Killed and The Chairman Takes OverEdit

King dies in the process of trying to defeat the Chairman and the events of The Chosen Ones occur

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