It was a cloudy dark day in the United Cog Nation (this was before the Toon Explorers came) and the streets were wild. An Newsbot was reporting the news about a recently stolen item from Lawren's Supply Sotore. Lawren was a v2.0 Level 7 Double Talker.

"This just in, we been reported that a cog has stolen some boxes of EE's best X-Cigarettes. We've came to the streets to ask some local cogs what they think about this robbery the Newsbot announced.

"What's your name?" asked the Newsbot to a Baggage Man carrying some heavy bags. The Baggager groaned. "Well, I think (grunts) that (grunts) it's Dage Stilton, that serial robber that shot a Telemarketer in the Cog Departments #401 Building." he groaned and walked away.

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