There are four worlds, each different in a way. Theres the Nether, a barren world. The Aether, a sky type of world. The overworld which is divided into 2 parts- Toontown and Minecraftia. These two worlds are very different, but they will need eachother- more than ever.

Chapter 1- PortalsEdit

Skooby was playing one of his favorite games, minecraft. He was setting up his survival map just as he heard a portal open. Then 2 more opened. Skooby looked behind himself when he saw the creepers and the skeletons.

"Lilly! We need to get out!", Skooby said running away from his room.

The two toons met and ran outside. The house instantly collapsed.

"The worlds can't intersect...", Lilly said breathing hardly due to their running.

"They can...The fourth world is divided into two parts. The End & The Aether.", Skooby said.

"And your point?", Lilly asked.

"The End is home to the Enderdragon- who owns these portal powering ender crystals.", Skooby said.

"Skooby, Minecraft isn't real.", Lilly said angrily.

"Then why did we both see the Creepers and Skeletons from Fallen Kingdom?", Skooby asked.

"You have a point there.", Lilly said.

The house finished collapsing with the destruction of land. The End Portal had opened.

"We have to leave NOW.",Skooby said starting to run away as an earthquake began.

Skooby quickly looked onto his news app on his phone. He quickly found an article.

"The Worlds Collide"

It was true, little did many toons know.

Chapter 2- TeleportationEdit

Many creatures came out from the ruins. Mainly Endermen, as they were the strongest and could place things they carried down.

"This is horrible. Don't look at their eyes what ever you do!", Skooby said.

Lilly accidentiily looked at an Endermen's eyes right before Skooby said that. The endermen immediately teleported to them and started attacking. Skooby used his diamond sword to destroy it.

"Oops.", Lilly said.

"It's okay.", Skooby said.

The area where their house used to be exploded.

"Run NOW!", Skooby said running from the explosion Lilly! Take this! Throw it whenever you want to teleport far away.", Skooby said throwing an ender pearl to Lilly.

Lilly threw it near Skooby and started running with him.

"Heres another. I have to many to keep to myself.", Skooby said giving Lilly another.

"We need to get stronger than them. The End is upon us...", Lilly said.

"Litterily!", Skooby said.

"What do you mean?", Lilly asaked.

"Look up.", Skooby said.

Lilly did so and saw the Enderdragon.

"We need help. Serious. help.", Lilly said.

"I know one person who has over powered wepons.", Skooby said.

"Well call him!", Lilly said.

"I can't... I have to find him.", Skooby said opening a new portal made of grass.

"I'll help.", Lilly said.

"Alright.", Skooby said. The toons jumped into the strange portal.

Chapter 3- 10 Hours EarlierEdit

Everything was quite normal. The moon was shimmering on the lake, the frogs were croaking and the cricketas were chirping. Skooby and Lilly were sleeping in their bed. Everything was too normal, infact. Time then stopped for a few minutes. A purple star shimmered from the sky while the time was stopped. The purple star fell into the ground and was the seed of destruction. Once it had been planted, time started back up as if nothing happened,

The seed was a weed. In less than 5 minutes it had spread to Skooby and Lillys front door. The weed stopped growing at the back of Skoobys computer room. Night time was nearly over. Where the seed was, an Enderman was leaked. The enderman teleported into Skooby's computer room and placed tiny portals at the back, where the weed stopped growing. Day time hit. The enderman immediately teleported back to The End- where he had come from.

Chapter 4- The Other SideEdit

Lilly and Skooby were traveling about light speed into the other Overworld realm- Minecraftia.The toons plopped in the world. and the portal in which they had come from was blown up right after they came out.

"Well, we're staying for awhile.", Lilly said.

Skooby started walking to a nearby house inside of a mountainside.

"Wait, where are you going?", Lilly asked running after Skooby.

"EpicFailiure.", Skooby replied.

"Thats his house?", Lilly asked.

"I'm the designer.", Skooby replied.

"Pretty neat.", Lilly said.

"WHO ARE YOU- Oh. Hey Skooby.", a person who appeared to be EpicFailiure said.

"Your name is spelled wrong.", Lilly complained.

"Well, ask my creator.",EpicFailiure said in an angered tone.

"Thats Lilly", Skooby said.

"Ah, your girlfriend?", EpicFailiure asked.

"Hey. Lets just get to the main topic.", Lilly said.

"Well, EpicFailiure, have you seen any strange new mobs?", Skooby asked.

"Yes I have, But I can't find anymore creepers and stuff.", EpicFailiure replied.

"The creepers and stuff are all over at my dimension.", Skooby said.

"They destroyed our house!", Lilly added.

"Sounds like the Enderdragon.", EpicFailiure said.

"I wanna bust some cogs.", Skooby finally changed the subject.

"Alright.", EpicFailiure said bringing out a super enchanted diamond sword.

Skooby tossed a sword to Lilly.

"Thanks!", Lilly said.

It was time to destroy some cogs.

Chapter 5- Cogs In MinecraftEdit

"Alright, so how do we kill them?", EpicFailiure asked.

"You can't. The cog gets reproduced into the smallest kind of cog again with the same memories.", Skooby replied,

"So, we're dealing with some slimes?", EpicFailiure asked.

"Pretty much if we don't stop the machine.", Lilly replied.

"I did see a giant metalic thing in my adventures of the Nether.", EpicFailiure said.

"Well then lets go!", Lilly said.

"Wheres your portal?", Skooby asked.

"The cogs took it.", EpicFailiure replied.

"So we're gonna fight cogs anyways.", Lilly moaned.

Skooby already was running off to find the portal materials.

"Better follow him.", EpicFailiure said throwing an ender pearl.

Lilly did the same.

Skooby was already in a battle.

"The cog crushers ran in after us, eh?", a few cogs said.

"I've already got 5 obsidian.", Skooby said.

When Skooby destroyed that cog with a few hits of his diamond sword, a ton of obsidian dropped.

"Lavabot?", EpicFailiure joked.

"Yeah.", Skooby replied seriously.

"Oh...", EpicFailiure said

"Lets make the portal and go back to toontown!", Lilly said.

"We have to go to the Nether first.", Skooby replied.

The toons all made a portal and jumped in.

Chapter 6- The NetherEdit

The toons and the minecraftian jumped out of a portal.

"See?", EpicFailiure asked pointing to a giant metalic being producing cogs.

"Thats no normal machine.", Skooby said.

"Looks like one to me.", Lilly said.

"It's a giant cog nether fortress.", Skooby said.

"What are in those spawners, Skooby?", Lilly asked.

"I don't know.", Skooby replied.

"Lets just call them BlazeBots.", EpicFailiure said dodging a fireball.

"It's too dangerous. We have to leave and run back to toontown.", Lilly said.

"Agreed.", Skooby replied.

"I'd best come with you two- I know all of the crafting recipes and have wepons stronger than diamond.", EpicFailiure said.

"You have problems of your own, though.", Skooby said.

"Eh, its okay.", EpicFailiure replied.

"You'd wipe out an entire dimension?", Lilly asked.

"On second thought, I'll stay.", EpicFailiure quickly said.

"But before you go, you both get a super enchanted diamond sword. The mobs will fear you.", EpicFailiure said handing Skooby and Lillly each a sword.

"Wait. How do we get back?", Lilly suddenly asked.

"We need dirt.", Skooby replied holding up a dirt portal.

"Oh.", Lilly said jumping in the portal.

"See ya, Skooby.", EpicFailiure said as Skooby jumped in the portal.


Skooby and Lilly popped out of the portal. No mobs were near the toons house anymore.

"Lets kill some mobs while we have the chance.", Skooby said.

"Could be fun.", Lilly said practicing how to swing her sword.

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